Vatopedi’s harbour, Holy Mountain … HDR + orton effect

Vatopedi’s harbour, Holy Mountain … HDR + orton effect
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The tranquility of the place and of the time is successfully transferred via the picture to your senses … The small harbour is located just in front of the Holy Mountain’s big Monastery of Vatopedi … The dead, heavily polished by the waves and the sun tree trunk that dominates the scene’s foreground exhales a dramatic character while the Orton Effect application adds a visually pleasant softness and a 3D perception to the synthesis ….

EXIF: High end compact Olympus Digital Camera SZ-31MR , Program Mode, f 8.7, Focal Length 4,5 mm, ISO 80, Pattern metering mode, light source fine weather, manually adjusted white balance, auto focus mode, EV adjustment biased by -1, HDR processing accurately conveys the scene’s lighting conditions to the viewer, Orton effect processing applied after the HDR processing, shutter speed 1/160 s, no tripod, no flash …

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By Emil9497 Photography & Art on 2013-07-15 19:30:31

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