TROLLING For Social Media Marketing (6ix9ine & How To Be A Troll EXPLAINED)

TROLLING For Social Media Marketing (6ix9ine & How To Be A Troll EXPLAINED)

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Trolling is the act of stopping someone from passing, for your own personal motives. An internet troll will leave comments and feedback on your social media, with the intention of stirring up an emotional reaction from you. Trolling comes in different forms. There are different levels to trolling. Trolling is often looked down upon, but if you study marketing and branding, then you’d agree that trolling is an essential part of any successful marketing plan. Causing people to have emotional responses, to your content, is key. Social media marketing is all about getting engagement and reactions. When it comes to social media marketing, all reactions, whether good are bad, are good. I say that because, any promotion that brings brand awareness, is beneficial. If you are creating distasteful content, which goes viral, yet, causes negative emotional reactions, I’d hope you are considering your brand, in the long term. Advertising is an art. There are various college level courses on advertising and marketing. Marketing, branding and advertising is not something any business, who plans to be successful, should take a novice approach to. In this video, I discuss being a troll and trolling, as one of your marketing approaches. I believe that every business should have “in-house trolls”. If you aren’t willing to be a troll, then I’d suggest hiring people who are willing to troll, or coming up with troll objected marketing plans, for your brand. Trolling is an essential part of marketing online and offline. In this video, I also discuss rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine and why everyone calls him a troll. I also speak about McDonald’s and how people have grown so accustomed to their marketing (aka trolling), that people don’t even consider it trolling. I also discuss popular YouTube personality and troll, DJ Akademiks, and how he used trolling, to build and online empire. Trolling is all about stopping people in their paths, while getting your message or brand in the eyes and hearts of the general public. I’ve used trolling as an approach in all of my marketing plans and I’m happy to discuss the topic in this video. Leave your feedback on this topic and make sure to like, share and subscribe to this channel.

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