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Description of the photoshop Classes

Photoshop courses Technology is like a cycle that never stops. The techniques are developing more and more through an evolutionary science especially in the field of computing. Therefore, programs or software are constantly being created to bring some revolution in almost all areas. In this sense, the Adobe Photoshop computer program facilitates an excellent professional development. Indeed, this is software that allows you to make a more in communication campaigns especially if one owns a business in Montreal and Longueuil. Moreover, the majority of visual are more visible on the scoreboards more than on the internet are made by Adobe Photoshop.
In doing so, when you want to understand to boost your marketing campaigns, you will have to learn it.


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Discovery of Adobe Photoshop

    • The creation of software and different versions
    • Explanation and understanding of the workspace
    • Course on slaps and slaps window
    • Use and processing techniques of x and y
    • The different selections and clipping
    • Display Modes

Modification on picture

    • The different settings to know
    • Know how to adjust calorimetry and chroma
    • Utility of the tools?
    • How to repair an image?
    • Gradients
    • Coaching especially in practical sessions
    • Alterations of certain images to practice
    • Full introductory workshop on filters
    • The different modes of heat
    • The color selection tool or the Color Picker
    • Followed by a particular teacher on TSL modes – RGB-LAB
    • Seminar on Laval to understand all color modes
    • Know the meanings of Duotone and CMY to better understand them

Everything about the creation

    • Know how to draw, the first thing to understand
    • The usefulness of the vector
    • Using the pen and text
    • Accompaniment of a particular teacher on the apparel of your website
    • Training patterns, textures
    • How to transform the plots?
    • How to manage and copy a style effect?
    • Continious training on selections
    • The magic wand
    • Cropping
    • moving
    • Presentation of geometric shapes
    • The various tools such as brush, airbrush or pencil
    • Make alterations and know how to make graphic charts
    • Exercises of practical work
    • Create a basic text, distort and use palettes
    • Good usage of layers


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Tutorial: create a water drop effect in Photoshop

Here is the simple way to create a water drop effect with the brush tool and layer styles:

1) To begin, create a new document in Photoshop of 512 by 512 pixels with a transparent background. Fill the layer with the pattern “wood”. 

2) Create a new layer and press D to go find the original color. In the Photoshop tools, take the brush tool (B). Change the tool settings by choosing a hardness of 100% and a diameter to 19 px.

3) With the brush tool in hand (B), draw a simple dot on the layer (the top) like this:

4) Reduce the opacity of the background to 3%. The black dot you just created will become almost transparent.

5) Now let’s play with the layer styles: start by putting a drop shadow opacity 100%, with a 90 degree angle, distance and size of 1px each. Set the overall lighting

Add an Inner Shadow, a blend mode to “product”, set the opacity to 43% the size to 10 px and the distance to 5 px.

Add a black inner glow, with the blending mode to “overlay” and a 30% opacity.

Let’s continue with beveling. In “technical”, set to “marked chiseling” 250% depth, size 15 px, 10 px blur. In “mode in your clear,” set a 100% opacity and shading mode, choose “color density, color and white opacity 37%.

The layer style is now finished! By clicking on “new style” in the layer style window you can save. This will allow you to use it for text or other uses.

6) To complete this project, you are free to create other drops with a smaller or larger diameter.

For a gradient effect, you can add a layer between the bottom and drops. Take the gradient tool with black to transparent and from top to bottom. Reduce the opacity to 50%.

Your water drop effect is created!