What is eLearning exactly?!

If you take a survey among your friends or at work, you will easily realize that e-learning is not very well known in Ontario and its surroundings. The more sophisticated will doubtlessly tell you “Quiz”, “serious game” or asynchronous training. However, in all cases, it is a remote training. And if that vision was a […]

The basics of shooting on Green Screen

Today, turning on a green screen is essential for those who want to dabble to special effects. The chroma keying, also called shooting on green or blue background has now been largely democratized, even for amateurs’ miniproductions. Nowadays any teen can now try to shoot on green screen because it does not require any special training.

Learn how to make Light Leaks Effects thanks to an After Effects course

3 ways to use Light Leaks for Creative Videos

By following a training in video editing, you quickly realize that it does not take much for an ordinary video to become a sensational one. To do this, simply add a few effects such as light leaks. Light Leaks are colorful shapes, bright halos that can appear on the image depending on the capture angle. […]

Virtual Reality Training After Effects

Virtual reality, everything is reinventing

Nowadays, the new movies that will appear in cinemas have several challenges to overcome: conquering a new audience, reinventing the narrative codes and adapt to new technical constraints. Right now, many movie actors agree on the fact that there should be changes in the cinema industry. Now let’s focus on the changing virtual reality prospects.

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