27 – Blender Video Editing (Super Fast Video Rendering with Render Script.)

27 – Blender Video Editing (Super Fast Video Rendering with Render Script.)

Learn to Video Edit with Blender
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Video Description

I spent the last couple months writing a cross platform python script that renders non-3D blender projects 2X faster, and gives us access to additional FFmpeg features.

Here is a link to the script and Setup Guide:


I consider this a work in progress. Thanks for your support.

Here is a sample of the features:

1) Perform non-3D renders in HALF the time on multi-core CPUs.
Speed up rendering of:
– Image Sequences
– Node Based effects using the following node groups: Distort, Matte, Map, Vector, Filter, Converter, and Color.

2) Create high quality animated GIFs.

3) Fully cross platform (Windows, Mac, Linux and more…)

4) Wider range of audio bitrates supported

Windows 10 users:
I noticed that that the Windows 10 (Creators Update) changed the fonts in cmd.exe. I would recommend that you alter the cmd.exe defaults by opening cmd.exe, right clicking on the Title Bar and clicking on “Defaults”. I switched it to Font size 16, Font: Source Code Pro in the Font Tab. The banner is much easier to read with those settings.

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