North Korea vs The United States – Who Would Win The War?

North Korea vs The United States – Who Would Win The War?

North Korea’s manpower is half the size of United States man power. United States has a population that has 120 million people fit for service. That means almost 40% of The United States population (316 million) could serve in the army. 1.4 million people are currently active personal and additional 850,000 are in the reserve.
However if both sides were to account for their reserve personnel, North Korea would have a manpower that is 2.5 bigger than the US.

But manpower is just the tip of both countries armies. The main weapons to consider are the land units. North Korea has 1600 Self-Propelled Guns, 3,500 Towed Artillery and 700 Multiple-Launch Rocket Systems while the US has SPGs 1,934, Towed-Artillery: 1,791, MLRSs: 1,330.

In the air, United States beats North Korea without a doubt. NK has only 940 aircrafts compared to the US’s 13,700. The most popular one that the Americans use is f-16 Fighting Falcon. The F-16 was developed in the states.

In the sea, United States loses 2:1. But only in numbers. The US has the strongest Navel Power: 10 Aircraft Carriers, 15 Frigates, 62 Destroyers, 72 Submarines, 13 Costal Defense Crafts, and 13 Mine Warfares.

At the end of the day, United States could end this war in a blink. The US has over 5000 Nuclear Warheads. If it wanted, it could destroy the whole world. It’s ‘enemy’ in this case has 0 confirmed warheads that could reach the coast of North America.

And let’s say that the war did start and the US decided to not use the atomic bomb, they would still win since they have their own oil reserves. The opposition has to relay on imported oil and the US could have easily disrupted these trades.

So who do you think would win this war? Do you think North Korea has a chance or do you think it would have been destroyed by The United States? Let us know in the comments and if you think our assessment is wrong, don’t hesitate to point out how!


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50 réponses
  1. Nathaniel Lionheart
    Nathaniel Lionheart dit :

    I wonder what would happen if China and Russia come in against The US? I suspect that is what would happen!!! Wars are all planned by the elite anyway! The US military has been building up for a long time!! I have worked for a couple of military contractors. It is obvious!!! Wars are planned and are about mind and population control!!

  2. Kol Smith
    Kol Smith dit :

    You’re not taking into account how outdated north Korea’s military is or how much manpower the us could get once conscription laws were activated

    HTFC FAN dit :

    The outcome is simple, China and Russia help North Korea, the rest of the world helps the USA with nuclear warfare going through the roof. The world goes boom, the human race dead.

  4. Xeno Gaming
    Xeno Gaming dit :

    Well the North Korean reserves probably would be in bad shape. (Considering food, water and health care in North Korea.) while in the US, the soldiers would most likely be in alright shape. (Considering the food, water, and healthcare in the US.) maybe th North Korean soldiers would oof on the battle field and then the us had an upper hand.

  5. David Escobar
    David Escobar dit :

    Man power almost doesnt matter as long as you can hold air superiority. The way to win is damage the will to fight by constant bombings of the main bases of operation. Once the control centers are lost the will to fight will be destroyed

  6. It's dat fame girl
    It's dat fame girl dit :

    Please don’t upload videos like this when I get scared I get knots in my stomach and I actually did. seeing this comments made me feel a little safer but this stuff really creeps me out. If North Korea would win you know what I would do? Ask my mom if we could move there. It just makes me uncomfortable and feel a little sick so please don’t make stuff like this.

  7. Jeffrey Scott
    Jeffrey Scott dit :

    Blessings to North Korea from an American. They are beautiful people and very misunderstood sadly. Peace and love to North Korea



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