You have to learn WordPress in 2018?

You have to learn WordPress in 2018?

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  1. Michael Iniguez
    Michael Iniguez says:

    I think that the new nerdlings don’t see WP as being something that will set you apart from the rest. But one thing is the market and the other is one’s ego. These are things that one realizes with decades of experience. What can one expect from the inexperienced but very opinionated croud? Remember dogs like to bark when others advance 😉

  2. Poch
    Poch says:

    Hey Stef, please make a video on your thoughts on the release of Gutenberg in WordPress 5.0. How will this affect aspiring newcomers to the WordPress game and particularly those who wanna get into the PHP development side?

  3. Tim Bennett
    Tim Bennett says:

    Why on earth would you recommend using a CMS without first knowing the client’s requirements? Yet, most WordPress "developers" do exactly this.

  4. Abhinav Dwivedi
    Abhinav Dwivedi says:

    hey! great content, keep them coming

    kindly consider doing a video about "wordpress vs. other website building services" i.e sqaurespace. like what are the fundamental differences, pros and cons, and which is better suited for what purpose etc

  5. hello world
    hello world says:

    I refuse to do web developmement with wordpress. I prefer no money than having to code a wordpress app. WordPress is great only for simple bloging.

  6. jalabi99
    jalabi99 says:

    I’m learning WordPress by creating a blog for myself, which means I will also have to learn how to theme it. Then I’m going to learn how to make apps for Shopify. Between those two I should be good for the year.

  7. Montaz Meah II
    Montaz Meah II says:

    To me, WordPress is garbage, but I also think Microsoft Windows and Android devices are garbage. It’s because I hate how open sourced technology requires more setup and can lead to a chaos of compatibility issues to crash your site. Other people love the flexibility open-source gives them and think the setup time (or learning curve) is negligible in comparison. Therefore, learn WordPress in 2018 if you need the multitude of third-party plugins/themes and the freedom to do whatever the hell you want, or if you want to work with and develop sites for people who do.

  8. Chad Fowlkes
    Chad Fowlkes says:

    Hi Stef, I’m working through your material it’s great! Question. If I wanted to go deeper into PHP to -expand my WordPress skill set- What would you recommend?

  9. Jacob Shore
    Jacob Shore says:

    Do you think WordPress developers will need to read React now that WordPress is going adopt Gutenberg in it’s core?

  10. 吉井雄太朗
    吉井雄太朗 says:

    I hated wordpress before watching this video for not being able to insert my code and change the page at my will, but it seems that you are right. The more money I can make, the cooler it is.
    Gotta go figure out and get the shits done.

  11. HowPortal
    HowPortal says:

    WordPress released a new major version today (v4.9) with lot’s of features and improvements. but it’s sad that it’s still dont have proper category based media management which I find really bad. and wordpress is good if you have a small website. if website is getting bigger that crazy table (postmeta) getting really big and start to very slow. It’s a good platform for quickly lanuch your website. but it’s not a good choice for long term.

  12. TokyoXtreme
    TokyoXtreme says:

    I’ve only been watching your videos for just a few days now, but everything I’ve seen so far has been great. I’m signing up for your web development course now too.

  13. Richard Burns
    Richard Burns says:

    Hi Stefan, a question from a rookie on WordPress: Can you share a link on how to move your domain from one hosting company to another? thanks

  14. David Hahn
    David Hahn says:

    You mention wordpress if you want something more than Wix, for example; Pretend you’re trying to convince someone why that is true. Please make that argument

  15. Chow Channel
    Chow Channel says:

    How is learning how to code going to help you with wordpress? For example…If i learn PHP how is that going to help me with wordpress? (Besides making plugins, which you said is not a must to learn)

  16. imaaiaUtube
    imaaiaUtube says:

    What do you think of using theme builders only like Divi and HTML5, CSS & SASS for more modifications on my designs, and go ahead with that as a career?

  17. Lloyd McVey II
    Lloyd McVey II says:

    Unless the client is in the tech sector their ability to code, modify, innovate is what should really be taken into consideration. At the end of the day they want something that looks "pretty" and works outta the box for them. Your awesome skills, libraries used, knowledge of(which they’ll pay you for but its all magic) doesn’t mean much. Will it work for me easily once you build it is their only real question. I use WP as a platform and recommend it a lot to friends even because of the turnkey nature of it(for someone who knows their way around). I think traditional builds can totally coexist with CMSs, Its just another tool in the solution box and a good one.

  18. R3N
    R3N says:

    Quality WordPress developers are rare. It’s not an oversupplied skills. It’s rare because there is an Oversupply of "Fake" Developers.
    Lets use Paleo rule to explain.
    1)80% of so called web developers are from 3rd world countries with poor English.
    2)From the other 20% that communicate great in English 80% are Div Theme or theme/plugins users that don’t know how to code at all.
    3) Then from the 20% -> 80% of those that know basic html and CSS only.
    4) From the 20% 80% know basic PHP but not know how wordpress structured.
    5) From that 20% ->80% are newbies developers that know HTML + CSS + PHP and wordpress structured but only have few months of experience.
    6) From that 20% -> 80% stop doing WordPress developers since they lack proper marketing skills to brand and sell themselves to survive Freelancing and move to get a job doing Node.js/Ruby/C# etc
    7) only 20% of those stay doing wordpress developers for 5+ years and know how to properly Sell wordpress and know where to look to make a Living.
    8) only 20% of those become EXPERT level WordPress Developers that build in a Highly Niche market inside wordpress. Business/Ecommerce/Education etc etc. They make the Big money.

  19. Oussama Essamadi
    Oussama Essamadi says:

    There’s nothing as cool and sexy as a man named Shefan, that knows what he’s saying, great one Stef, keep them up.

  20. OAS Academy
    OAS Academy says:

    What i like about wordpress is, it is a quick and easy website to throw up. Albeit it can seem bland, but they do the job. What about Joomla though?

  21. Abderrahman DOUARA
    Abderrahman DOUARA says:

    I am WordPress professional as you described exactly, but few days ago i decided to left it, not a professional solution for any kind of sites except blogs, i hate the problems that comes with updates, i hate to install a full plugin for each small feature i want, it’s crazy to be dependent to that enormous number of plugins… I designed this image to describe WordPress

  22. digitalsketchguy
    digitalsketchguy says:

    WordPress still has a good future. The mega premium themes will eventually run out of steam as their bloated code base will reduce them to snail mail downloads. People and big business will want bespoke and highly optimized, featherweight sites that are unique and do the job.
    Grav might gain some ground in 2018 but nowhere near as user-friendly for admins and technophobes.

  23. William Kidd Jr.
    William Kidd Jr. says:

    As a person who’s tried wordpress before from a non-developer standpoint, it felt really bullky, chalky, and difficult to use (and being I didn’t build it from the ground up I didn’t feel it was truly mine). But as an aspiring web developer, I think it’s something I could get into as it would give me more control over the look and feel of it.


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