Who knew Jersey was so cool . . . and smart . . .

Who knew Jersey was so cool . . . and smart . . .
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By daystar297 on 2009-02-17 18:15:24

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  1. supprimé
    supprimé says:

    what a genious treatment my dear !
    I think that for American people these small cars are like boy’s toys ! :-))

  2. Nancy Rose
    Nancy Rose says:

    looks like a car full of candy! i didn’t realize they had Smart cars in the US yet…aren’t they funny little things…this is so clever!!!

  3. Leannaí Lir is very busy; flickr on/off
    Leannaí Lir is very busy; flickr on/off says:

    I’ve heard of the government backed initiative for the smart guys – thanks for sharing with us David!!!

    Love the dual tones and the David midas touch on the windscreen and in the background!

  4. Scott Hudson *
    Scott Hudson * says:

    what timing

    I saw three of these yesterday on the Turnpike…… I was going 85 and this little yellow one flew by me………WTH . i said to myself.

    The people drive here I would be afraid to be in one.

    they are great earth friendly cars.

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)


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