What AI have MIT been creating? – BBC Click

What AI have MIT been creating? – BBC Click

Click heads to MIT’s CSAIL to check out its weird and wonderful robotic research, and visits Wimbledon to see how AI is set to transform the tennis tournament.

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  1. Winikalini eeb
    Winikalini eeb says:

    bbc myfavorite news because theyer news is rel i love u guys<3 rawr xD rawr xD oh antisepticeyewhat a suprise OMG ITS THANOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss come here thanos

  2. Roger Thompson
    Roger Thompson says:

    Ah get the fvck out of here, after I seen the guy with ALS your telling me we couldn’t cure ALS, but we can create AI.

  3. mohamed salah oshi
    mohamed salah oshi says:

    The focus on AI has been in increasing rate recently… since it’s smarter than us… My hope is could it prevent *WORLD WAR 3*

  4. Tony Ray
    Tony Ray says:

    BBC really knows how to put a positive spin on all of this don’t they? I’m so thankful there are people out here who are not so easily conditioned, and know how to do their investigative work and bring the truth that these people won’t acknowledge. I love the part where the woman tells you that the AI seeing through walls and knowing where you’re at and what you’re doing, is somehow so that you could check on elderly as though you couldn’t do that by walking into the room or even looking at a camera. This is not intended for that. This is intended for something like military or police application to where they can see who’s in the building and where they’re at and what they’re doing from a remote location. Everything the BBC shows everybody in such a positive light also has a dark side, and the military industrial complex and the world’s governments who are building their new world order are paying for all of this, and telling everybody that those billions and billions of dollars are going towards bombs and missiles to play war. No sir, all of that money is going to this technology and all of these people helping create it think that they’re building themselves a legacy. they have been deceived into doing the bidding of these evil men

  5. Anadil Gilani
    Anadil Gilani says:

    as amazing as all of this looks and sounds all I could think of was how each and every one of these things are going to be used for evil instead

  6. Bozzay Music
    Bozzay Music says:

    This is way too scary for me. I think AI research should be stopped right now! For example: if i need some help or information, i want to communicate with a human, not a human-like robot or a chatbot. And if the research will follow this path in the future, in no time, every said and written words will be processed, stored and used for something. Just think about personalized ads! I disabled everything, but google is still collecting information… Your privacy is stolen… that’s it… This is not the right way of using computer technology. I don’t want to live is a world, where everyone is tracked and analised in every single moment. I am really interested in technology, but if I could, I’d change the way many of us thinking about it!
    I really respect the hard work of those clever people, but every time I accidentaly find a show like this one, I got scared. Please do not stole privacy and please think separately about human and machine! Machines is for helping us do things, not for acting like us! 🙁

  7. Gary Cummings
    Gary Cummings says:

    AI is going against natural order. We as a human race will end up in a distorted dark world. See through the illusion.

  8. Mark Pendragon
    Mark Pendragon says:

    If I’m preparing to be stranded on a desert island, I can think of a few things I would prefer to bring along instead of a sand printer. 9:18

  9. Cc T
    Cc T says:

    Crazy nanny State BBC how crazy is it to have strangers read your private emails to determine if someone is sending you a harassing message G how nice day your friends will know that someone said something to you isn’t that even worse. It’s like trading a illusion for snowflakes where the snowflake doesn’t know what people are saying it’s like the person the crow voice on American Idol thinking that has a voice of a angel because it’s friends told them so.

  10. SaketG
    SaketG says:

    One day I’d like to see Artificial Intelligence used to detect human stupidity, and we’ll then have come a full circle.

  11. Timothy Ebiuwhe
    Timothy Ebiuwhe says:

    The first thing I see in each is Military potential. They all potentially either take away jobs, or increase military power.

  12. Siva G
    Siva G says:

    AI,VR,AR,quantum computing,machine learning,big data all put together. Welcome to the new world.
    now Thanos be ready. we will avenge you!


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