Want a New Camera? DSLR? Know Your Options First!

Want a New Camera? DSLR? Know Your Options First!

I don’t care what camera you buy or upgrade to, but I think you should do your research, and when you do, don’t forget about these video filming machines. They’ve come a long way. Make sure to http://bit.ly/SubscribeToBasicFilmmaker


Sony FDR-AX700 4K Camcorder

Sony FDRAX53 4K Camcorder

Sony PXW-Z150 Camcorder

SanDisk Extreme Pro 256GB SD Card

Sony NP-FV70A V-Series Rechargeable Digital Camera Battery

Deity D3 Pro Microphone

Canon 5D:

Cheap Camera Remote:

Camera Cage:

Aputure Monitor:

Pro Batteries:

Tripod (replaced head):

Replaced Head With:

Alternative Tripod:

Quick Release Plates:

Canon 50mm:

28mm f/1.8:

50mm f/1.4:

85mm f/1.8:

24-70mm f2.8:

24-105mm f/4.0:

70-200mm f/2.8:

Rode NTG-3:

Deity Mic:

Zoom H6 Recorder:

SR VRM1 Recorder:

SD Card:

Lapel Mic:


Sound Blankets:

Colored Acoustic Foam:

Aputure Tri-8 Kit:

Aputure L/S 1/2:

Pulsar Spotlight:

Light Stands:

Cheap Can Light:

Wall Mounting Brackets:



Fake Brick Tapestry:

Backdrop Mounting Unit:

Portable Green/Blue/White/Gray Screen:

Adobe Premiere Pro:

Mavic 2 Pro:

Smooth 4:

Color Checker:


Analyzing YouTube Videos:
VidIQ: https://vidiq.com/#_l_gc
TubeBuddy: https://www.tubebuddy.com/thebasicfilmmaker

See gear at https://www.kit.com/basicfilmmaker


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50 replies
  1. Craig Burnett
    Craig Burnett says:

    Brilliant video! I always chortle to myself when I see the DSLR guys with all the crap hanging off their cameras, to make it do what the $1800 camcorder does. I have an AX-100 that looks amazing, which I use as my b-camera…shoot in 4K, and do zooms and faux dolly moves in post. Thanks for championing video cameras as an option!

  2. Elvis Saraiva
    Elvis Saraiva says:

    T5 + grip + kit lens + 50mm f1. 8 + sony px240 + audio technica mic or Yoga ht 81 + tripod + 3x 50w led light + 2 Sd 32gb + magic lantern, Just enough to YouTube

  3. David Stavegård
    David Stavegård says:

    You know what? This episode really made me think – I have gone back to it several times and watched it over and over again. Thank you! I really don’t need a new camera, but you know – one can always dream a little… And maybe I’ll go for a camcorder instead, next time!

  4. Rex Sanders
    Rex Sanders says:

    Too bad I didn’t know this years ago. Learned to shoot on a prosumer Canon XA30 camcorder, got sucked into the DSLR (or mirrorless in my case) black hole. Thousands of dollars later, I have an incredibly complex and difficult to use monster to shoot video, that requires a cage and a giant bag and all kinds of crap to hold it all together. And it takes forever to setup and tear down. And diving 10 layers deep into the menu system to fiddle with the video settings versus photo settings gets old really fast. And on and on.

    Now, when I want to shoot video, I pull out the camcorder and an external mic and have it up and running in a couple of minutes. And no, I don’t need 4K – I saw what you did there 🙂

    Great videos, thanks!

  5. Brian Michael
    Brian Michael says:

    Really liked this video and I have considered camcorders for certain things.. I love how many options this camera has.. I am highly impressed
    Thank you for making this video.

    I have a DSLR and some lighting etc..

    I wanted to get something I can run around with and was compact and simple.. I am actually going to pick up an OSMO Pocket.. It looks like a really handy cam for many things I want to do..
    Id def consider the camera you were showing in this video.. I was def in the group of ppl that were DSLR obsessed for a long time..
    I really like how many things this camera offers..
    Im actually scaling back everything I am doing to smaller more portable.. DSLR for photos I am going back to CROP.. and video I will do a combination of the OSMO Pocket.. Crop DSLR and a Camcorder like this.. and do that until the money I am making from it warrants a more expensive set up..
    I am kind of lusting after that New Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera.. My buddy has one and I do love it.. He has the rokinon cine glass that really does work well with it.
    Saying that.. I don’t have cine glass.. and my budget is smaller.. so.. Id like to get the most out of my kit as possible without killing my wallet.

  6. Joe Framo
    Joe Framo says:

    Wow didn’t realize the camcorder doodle that I was looking at the Canon M50 now I just don’t know what to think thank you for sharing this video and have a great Thanksgiving

  7. Lake Powell News Network
    Lake Powell News Network says:

    Great video! I spent tons of time doing research before finally pulling the trigger and getting something. I wish this video had been around when I was making that choice. Though what I ended up with works extremely well for what I do. This certainly could have saved some time 🙂 One question I have is do these camcorders get recognized as a camera by a computer? For instance the camera I have does not and I have to use it’s "live view" shooting mode and screen capture that to put into my broadcasts. It is not nearly as good as I had hoped it would be in that aspect. It does work but it is certainly not as nice as native support would be. That was one aspect of my research I didn’t even know about when I was looking into it. I just assumed the camera would do what I wanted and when it didn’t had to spend a lot of time making it work with my software.

  8. Daniel Shepherd
    Daniel Shepherd says:

    I have and use an older (2010ish) sony camcorder, one of the first 1080i one on the market. I deinterlace for 1080p50 the closest thing it has to slow motion. I agree it ‘just works’ no fuss, reasonable results. But there are issues. Picture quality, noise, colours are lackluster in anything except ideal conditions. Zooms in a long way for shaking unstabilised footage but not really out wide enough for vloging. Photos of wildlife on the tiny screen look impressive until you export the tiny 2mpixel image. My phone does better unless you want zoom. I mix both but mixing fixed 25/50fps camcorder & fixed 30fps phone framerates are a pain too. I have the GH5 in my sights as a stabilised hybrid hand-held device ideal for my wants. Just working out the budget now. So expensive!

  9. David Hignett
    David Hignett says:

    Totally agree, although I would also factor in editing hardware and software. Two other pastimes worth considering: abstinence or extra-marital meanderings. BTW are you SURE our wives don’t watch this stuff? If ‘er indoors ever found out the cost of my self-indulgences, that would COST. You give yet another object lesson in good sense and good standing in front of a wall selling your ideas. 🙂

  10. Bill Campbell
    Bill Campbell says:

    Ok a off question, what size is your table and how high you have it. Is their the correct height for standing. Yep… you guessed it I’m making one.

  11. Hugo
    Hugo says:

    such a great video…
    i just shot a short film that’s getting into several festivals with a panasonic camcorder (which was about 2700$) but it has a GREAT lens from Leica, with all the great overall control over audio and video i shot this shortfilm in 3 days…incredibly fast for it’s length (18 min)…
    I knew a D.P who told me that would be a bad experience…but man, having had 5 years of only DSLR’s I’m so glad of having the kind of control and safety this camera gives you…plus all the things you mentioned…The only backlash is the size of the sensor (1 inch)…but that was very bearable since I had good lighting and space to shoot…the shots turned out very nice !
    Keep up with the great content ! Your videos are amazing, plus you’re someone who holds the attention of the viewer, so we don’t get lost and stop learning 😉

  12. Basic Filmmaker
    Basic Filmmaker says:

    *I don’t care what camera you use, so let’s not do the [insert camera name] sucks thing. I do think you should do your research, and knowing what these video machines can do should be a part of it. Cheers!*

  13. Custom Made Name
    Custom Made Name says:

    A friend of mine got this camera because it was recommended to him. I like it a lot! My friends and I shoot with DSLRs and some FS5/FS7 cameras, and that camera would really nicely replace a DSLR.

  14. Michael Elliott
    Michael Elliott says:

    lol. Man, I wish I had seen that Zoom comparison before I bought the H4N Pro. Cool recorder, but that wait time does get annoying.

  15. Steven Johnson
    Steven Johnson says:

    Great Review!! You are the only one whose has had the guts to mention this option. Even the camera companies don’t really advertise this option!! They start with something like the C100/200, FS5, EVA1 which cost north of 5k (closer to 10k to 15k) and require a Phd in Video Production to operate, plus a $5k stabilizing rig that makes you look like a super geek on steroids about ready to take over the planet. I never realized how powerful these machines are. The ONLY thing you didn’t state was the SENSOR SIZE. Which I presume you really don’t care about in this case. Who cares? Someone who wants to shoot in a closet at midnight maybe. And camera reviewers who have to say something regardless of whether or not it matters. Kudos to you and thanks very much!!!

  16. David Taylor
    David Taylor says:

    you are so right! Too many add ons to use dslr for normal everyday video production. plus you didn’t even get into all the post headaches.

  17. G POPs
    G POPs says:

    This is great- Ive wasted 6 months searching as my canon HV40 camcorder through a lot of use is unfixable. So my 2nd one is now for transfering tape footage only to PC. I was seriously going to get all the above. But the only thing holding me back was the lack of 60fps 4K Camcorders in pocket size as possible at a sensible price ( don’t understand why Blackmagic new camera is called pocket ) as obviously too big for a pocket more like 2 hand held. ) As I want to make the jump to future 4K editing ( cinematic or true 4K if possible). Its odd a tiny i-phone or Go Pro 6 can do stabilised 60fps 4K. Of course not other stuff you’ve mentioned. Yet Canon, Sony have not done this in any smaller hand held camcorders as far as I know  whether pro-or consumer. So the panasonic GH5 camera and others like this seemed very appealing as just having one unit to deal with like the very expensive 2nd gen Canon hybrid Camera / Camcorder. I believe the Sony camcorder in this video although looks great does not do 4K in 0fps only 30/24/25 FPS. Also not true 4K. The speeds you mentioned are great for 1080p as you say what more would anyone want. Any news on a camcorder around $1800 that can do 60fps within a small profile- even larger handheld like the sony showed. I may have to forget the true 4K resolution and realistically its not that important. My canon HV 40 just about fitted in my filming jacket. My running around with a camera and a camcoder is hard work. But the camera obtained much better photos than the 3.1 Megapixels of my Canon HV40 and therefore rarley used for stills. I think some camcorders can give 8mp stills now. In short due to this excellent video i’m having a big re- think on camcorders again which was my gut feeling in the first place hence my six months delay to date. Thanks

  18. Howell Lewis
    Howell Lewis says:

    Thank you for confirming my decision to buy a camcorder after many hours researching what to buy to make videos. Bought a Sony AX55P, so-called prosumer with fabulous 1080, 4K slow mo etc. Use a preamp with XLR for off-camera microphone. Once again thank you very much for your excellent videos.

  19. CheapGeek
    CheapGeek says:

    Whenever I get asked- What camera should I get for YouTube, my answer is always the same. A camcorder. 🙂
    When they ask why- The learning curve on a camcorder is tiny, compared a to ILC camera.

  20. Andy Sanderson
    Andy Sanderson says:

    You were on fire with this one! I can’t help laughing your humour is so dry I really wonder if you’re even aware of it. I think this is one of your best. Keep up the helpful work thanks

  21. El Carlos Diaz
    El Carlos Diaz says:

    I gotta say this is a VERY helpful presentation to alot if not most filmmakers starting out. Fantastic reality check and a great budget friendly solution. Especially during this holiday season! Very timely during this Thanksgiving week👍🎬

  22. Bellva dear
    Bellva dear says:

    Great video content and format. I wasn’t aware that recent camcorders had that many features for a reasonable cost. A better way to produce videos without a significant investment.

  23. Beat Diabetes!
    Beat Diabetes! says:

    I agree – camcorders have unfairly been stigmatized as uncool. There are some situations where they excel above DSLR’s. (But I love my Lumix G85).

  24. War On Everyone Cauz I'm Angry And Pissed Off
    War On Everyone Cauz I'm Angry And Pissed Off says:

    I don’t know shit about cameras but can it shoot raw and why aren’t filmmakers using this.

  25. JM Demers
    JM Demers says:

    You are the freaking best man. I’ve been recording on my LG G6 and learning the ropes with a few microfilms and you’ve been insanely helpful.

    I’ve been thinking of buying a DSLR and you’ve completely changed my mind. I’m now looking into camcorders, especially the Sony FDR-AX700 you featured in this video.

    Thank you so much for your videos!!

  26. Paranormal Journey PODCAST & More
    Paranormal Journey PODCAST & More says:

    On the AX-700.. Can you zoom in and zoom out slowly instead of the rapid zooming in and out..Hmmm lets see.. Does it also have the BOSS? I’ve been using the AX053 for quite some time and these are my pet peaves…


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