In this episode we drive from Bozeman, MT in Great Falls, across the border in Calgary, Alberta, and then fly from Chicago ILLINOIS to Jasper! Yes, this episode covers a lot of ground! It can be reached through one of the best restaurants in Calgary (Shokonin link below) and wrap them in a community garden in Jasper national park, Alberta.

For Caleb, the Skyline Luge: https://youtu.be/S5c1Y1S3cpQ

Stay tuned for our episode on the coming weekend in Jasper national park, Alberta. We have never had so much in a single goal!

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Shokunin: http://shokuninyyc.ca/ (the Best restaurants in Calgary)
Calgary Skyline Luge: https://www.skylineluge.com/en

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50 replies
  1. Brenda Lawrence
    Brenda Lawrence says:

    I just started watching your video’s yesterday, first one was when you got your 2nd Ginger camper. You are an awesome family and I am having a ball watching your video’s! This is a dream of mine, always has been although it probably will be just that a dream. Although I have learned to never say never. But at almost 60, don’t know if I will ever get to travel with an RV and tour the US. But a girl can dream! For the time, I will live through you and your family. Thanks for the adventures. Love your kiddo’s, especially your youngest son. He cracks me up! I have raised 6 sons and your youngest reminds me of me and my late husband’s youngest. To dang cute! Hugs, Brenda

  2. Theresa Boothby
    Theresa Boothby says:

    okay . . .very cool. I’m watching "final table" on Netflix and just watched Darren Maclean win the Japanese round. I thought I remembered you eating at his restaurant and meeting him. So, of course, I had to find the episode and re-watch. This is definitely going on my bucket list. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. Damon Bradshaw
    Damon Bradshaw says:

    Hey guys. If he is interested in aviation as a career there is a ton of money in it. By the time he is 40 he will make 300k a year.

  4. Camp More Bark Less
    Camp More Bark Less says:

    Our crossing in to Canada was a little different. We showed up and answered all the q&a then we were told to pull over to the "specia"l area to be searched. Apparently someone forgot to sign a new passport.

  5. Hockey Nutt
    Hockey Nutt says:

    Hey Guys. if you stop at an RV park for one night, do you unhook? If not, do you still put the main jack down to give the truck an assisted break and put stabilizer bars down? I am asking because we are very new and heading on a trip but each night at an RV park to get to our destination.

    Cheers form Aurora, Ontario, Canada

  6. Little Moments Photography and 3D Printing
    Little Moments Photography and 3D Printing says:

    Portillos is AMAZING! There is a great little place in Orlando called Hot Dog Heaven that comes close second! They import all their ingredients from Chicago and do a fantastic job!

  7. Michelle Tellez
    Michelle Tellez says:

    My mama heart ached a bit when you said goodbye to Carson. What a cool experience for him. I’m sure Caleb enjoyed his one on one time with mom & dad. Thanks for sharing, y’all!

  8. ST ST
    ST ST says:

    Your videos and accompanying music have grown up since that first season guys!!  Look forward to your video weekly now!!! Thanks!

  9. Paul LeBoutillier
    Paul LeBoutillier says:

    Crazy! My wife and I may have passed you somewhere along the road. We just got back from a trip with our 2008 Fleetwood Wilderness to Glacier in Montana and then a few days in Canada at Waterton (AMAZING scenery), and then a day or so at Great Falls, Montana. 🙂 We got home June 28th.

  10. Michael Dely
    Michael Dely says:

    Hello, I heard you say Pizza Dough. I found a recipe for a Two ingredient Pizza dough and it’s fantastic. It is, ingredient #1 1.5 cups of self rising flour and ingredient #2 is 1 cup of Greek Yogurt ( Plain ). Mix well, and use right-a-way or form a ball and coat it with olive oil, zip lock it and refridgerate . Enjoy. From Mike Upper Peninsula of Michigan

  11. jkz33sewerisme
    jkz33sewerisme says:

    Love your videos. My wife and 2 sons are hopefully getting a travel trailer soon and have wanted one for YEARS! I’ve gotten great ideas from you and I have learned alot. Question. … who picks the music for your videos? They are always perfect for the scenery or the theme of the video. Keep up the good work. Travel safe

  12. RetiredRV Fireman
    RetiredRV Fireman says:

    hi, newbie here, I’ve been watching you guys for a few weeks now and getting comfortable to start asking questions. I’m in the west Chicago suburbs, what base did your son go to if you can say? I was at Naval Station Great Lakes back in the late 70’s

  13. American freedom Logistics
    American freedom Logistics says:

    Yup, Rhubarb can Be pretty tart.. If he hasn’t already done it ,get him to bite into an unripened persimmon.

  14. Joe
    Joe says:

    That remark about dishwasher at the restaurant was highly offensive! I’m third generation dishwasher, I have the dry hands badge of honor to prove it and proud graduate of the prestigious dishwashing university in Wash-a-ton Illinois. BTW your youngest son is hilarious! Love when he mimics you 😂

  15. Inside Diane's Life
    Inside Diane's Life says:

    I love the quality time you have been able to have with your kids on this adventure you are on.  You are very blessed.  Love your videos.

  16. Sébastien Hachey
    Sébastien Hachey says:

    As a new follower to this feed I’ve been watching the archives and loving watching your adventures as it reminds me of my family’s trip across Canada and the USA last summer. Should have kept up as we live 10 minutes from the campground you stayed at while in Calgary! Great to follow your adventures!

  17. Debra Bowers
    Debra Bowers says:

    Gorgeous scenery and awesome videography!!! Carson is so much like you Marc!! Definitely need a separate food vlog Trish!!
    Caleb,, enjoy your space while you can! Can’t wait to see Alaska through y’all!!
    Safe travels!!

    (Crazy phone) …. Caleb. Corrected

  18. Greg Chamberlain
    Greg Chamberlain says:

    Oh wow I thought you still had the f150. 9.6 MPG for the 6.7 diesel pulling that trailer is a little poor I think. I expected alot better then what your getting. guess I’ll stick with my V-10

  19. delineator
    delineator says:

    Recently found your channel and are very much enjoying it
    Especially the Calgary / Jasper segment reminds me of home wait it is home !
    We are originally from the UK and find Canada/ North America an amazing. We have also done the sky train up the mountain and also done the glacier walk it’s a cool experience.

  20. AmmoBot
    AmmoBot says:

    Not sure if anyone said this yet or not, but the GasBuddy app does the fuel log thing for you. You can even keep track of milage there.

  21. Stanley Shiao
    Stanley Shiao says:

    Welcome to Canada.
    Next time when you come to Calgary at early July, you must not miss the most important and largest festival "Stampede".


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