V-Ray for SketchUp — quick guide: Intro

V-Ray for SketchUp — quick guide: Intro

This video covers the basic workflow of the display of a simple scene with V-Ray for SketchUp. It V-Ray the change-to-a Converter, Interactive, and relevant policies, the materials, add a V-Ray lights, and creating grass with V-Ray fur. To cover finally, this video by the depth-of-field and the configuration of the final product.

For a detailed tutorial on the content discussed in this video please visit our V-Ray for SketchUp-quick-start-guide – Intro page, found on the V-Ray documentation – https://docs.chaosgroup.com/display/VRAYSKETCHUP/V-Ray++SketchUp+Start+-+Intro

A special thanks to Bartłomiej Folder – http://be3d.studio/

30-days-test-version – https://www.chaosgroup.com/vray/sketchup/free-trial

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  1. dannpowder2000
    dannpowder2000 says:

    Which hardware has been used for the render in the video? I have swapped my 7 year old GPU with a Radeon RX480 8 GB, overclocked my AMD Phenom to 3.5 Ghz and got 8Gb RAM with the expectation my PC would be now "Vray ready". However with exactly the same tutorial file RT is performing on my PC frustratingly laggy, slow, poor or crashes.

  2. alkismixa
    alkismixa says:

    Great work guys !! Could you please do more tuturials for sketchup as many people tend to use it nowdays and its hard to find a good tutorial especialy for architecture

  3. Dragos Buzdugan
    Dragos Buzdugan says:

    At 03:45 why do you have to drag a material from the material library to the setting window in order to copy/paste it’s settings to another material? you will end up having 2 instances of the same material. Why not copy directly from material library and paste in settings without dragging the matterial?

  4. charlesderenne
    charlesderenne says:

    Awsome, but … Why this subject ? god … you could do exactly the same render with another subject …

  5. Parveen Afreen
    Parveen Afreen says:

    My view is not getting updated in VFB after setting the time and date as u said at 2:40. Please help!!

  6. The Bright Pixel
    The Bright Pixel says:

    Wow. All this time using SU and I never knew pressing Alt with the paint bucket tool allows you to select a material by clicking on it. Thanks!!!!!!

  7. Eddie Booth
    Eddie Booth says:

    As its a beginners guide it might have been more useful to say what to do with the finished render, export it ? how?? etc rather than fuss over the grass.
    Helpful anyway

  8. George Lentz
    George Lentz says:

    I have the demo version. It seems that I cannot open the sample file for this exercise without a full license, is that correct?

  9. Michał Śmiałek
    Michał Śmiałek says:

    Nice intro. im using sketchup and vray for 4years and still thise video was useful for me! Vray 3.4 is great, Good Job Chaosgroup !!

  10. dumplestik13
    dumplestik13 says:

    I followed this tutorial exactly but although my percentage bar says its 100% its still doing something and the render is very spotty. Unlike on yours where it says Rendering or Building Light Catch, theres no indication of what phase it’s at.


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