The Photoshop Effect

The Photoshop Effect

The Photoshop Effect Video – Sarah Dussault from investigates celebrity Photoshop makeover.

Discover the truth behind adobe Photoshop and photo retouch. Weight loss controversy and celebrity secrets, what is real? What is fake? See before and after pictures. Should we ban retouching?

Special Thanks, Tim Lynch Photography in Boston

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49 replies
  1. leadballoon14
    leadballoon14 says:

    How much make up are those women wearing……. so what exactly is the extent of natural beauty for them… they care when it is done on the computer, but they have beauty standards for themselves as well that are un realistic. Give me a break.

  2. Al Wall
    Al Wall says:

    Hard to believe the nonsense in the comments. in 2016 12 years olds have a very sophisticated media studies knowledge of photoshopping, advertising, the "body ideal" discourse thanks to progressive tiresome left wing curriculum influence from neo-Marxist educators – and that 100% of the images in mags are doctored. They KNOW. It is OLD news. And if men and women really were influenced by the thin ideal there wouldn’t be so many fat out of shape folks as the "norm" with their ever flabby soft bodies being hailed as "real bodies".

  3. Gina Psaki
    Gina Psaki says:

    As someone in the video points out, knowing that photoshop is everywhere doesn’t meant that people can resist its brainwashing effect. The idealized model it promotes sinks in and actual humans feel inadequate because they don’t look like the airbrushed and manipulated images peddled in the media.

  4. Eleora Timberlake
    Eleora Timberlake says:

    OK Photoshop is just sick. It’s completely disgusting, deceiving and terrible. It gives women unhealthy body images. We have a right to be very upset over the issue. But we still have to see it from the magazines point of view. They believe a that the more "perfect" images look, the more the magazine will sell. We want to say that it’s not true, but both men and women are at fault for seeing the Photoshopped images as better than the ones that are not. The celebrity’s ask to be Photoshopped because they want to be seen as society’s image of "perfection". If we really want all this fake ness to end, then we being the society we always blame, need to start to see the beauty in being your real natural self. Glamorize the no makeup look, make it cool to be comfortable with who you are. Be the change you want to see in the world, it’s that simple. Teach the next generation the right way to live.

  5. GozerTheGozerian
    GozerTheGozerian says:

    She already has a phenomenal body. She looks healthy, vibrant, and most important, NATURAL. Making her thinner would be a crime, and natural breasts are always, always better than fake ones.

  6. robin cosby
    robin cosby says:

    Hey, man, who gives a backwards fuck about what society thinks. She is hot from the get go without the damn Photoshop.

  7. Evelina Photography
    Evelina Photography says:

    That’s so inspirational… The irony is- I am a photographer who photoshops and even uploads the process onto my channel 😀
    However, the girl is wonderful! Plus, as a photographer I am expected from my clients to photoshop them, so I guess people got used to this fact. They know how they look, and when they pay for boudoir shoot, they want to receive the photos and think: Wow, so thaaat’s how I look, and they do believe it. Many of my clients said that their self- esteem was boosted after they have received the photos. So I guess, as long as photoshop is not overwhelming- it is not a bad thing…

  8. Major
    Major says:

    I’m only commenting on this because the 4 year old cheeseburger video has it’s comments disabled, that burger is fucking fake, you can see how they’ve added salt before they filmed it, I don’t even think the normal burger has that much salt in it. Also if you’re gonna show fast-food aged over 4 years, why don’t you show other foods as well, i don’t think they would look as nice would they?

  9. Bas
    Bas says:

    even porn pics are heavily edited, theres a website called true amateur models wher they take pornstars and publish their assholes without Photoshop, the amount of red spots and hair is sexy

  10. quelium
    quelium says:

    how much chemical work has the face of that nutritionist had? looks like chemical peels, and boxtox. Lots of botox.

  11. TehYumehChan
    TehYumehChan says:

    One of the biggest problems isn’t necessarily that they’re doing it, but that they’re not telling people they’re doing it. When photo editing really started, even I didn’t know they were doing it (and I consider myself pretty well educated and aware of things that are going on). I didn’t even realize the full extent of it until ~3 years ago. Do they really believe 12 – 15 year old girls are going to know when they’re looking at Seventeen? Or if they’re flipping through their mom’s cosmo? There are stories of NINE YEAR OLD girls going on diets. Nine! Because especially at that age, they aren’t questioning what they’re seeing and still mainly relying on adults to help them understand fact from fiction. It is dangerous and there needs to be a huge disclaimer on the front page that they’re doing this to every photo.

  12. David Maxfield
    David Maxfield says:

    Photographs were retouched long  before the digital age. Cover models were routinely airbrushed in the 20th-century; even in the 19th-century portraits were frequently retouched. This is nothing new.

  13. Joey Jorge
    Joey Jorge says:

    Man I dont think I could ever do this job, she already looks so good, i would just look at the original picture and be like "yup shes hot, its all good, no photoshop needed".

  14. Dangerous Facts
    Dangerous Facts says:

    What I learned about photoshopping models:

    The girl has to be hot to begin with – otherwise the editor has to spend too much time editing her into a beauty.

  15. Guy D. Nave
    Guy D. Nave says:

    Yes. Retouching should be banned. Put your creative intelligence into something sustainable. Thank you. Jane Hawley via Guy Nave’s computer.

  16. Peppermint Snowdrift
    Peppermint Snowdrift says:

    Sarah looks pretty good already! In a vague way, she reminds me of Maureen McCormack when she’s wearing that side ponytail.!

    When someone says to me, "Those pictures are re-touched!", I hear those words, and they register, but I still don’t understand the EXTENT to which the images are re-touched, because I haven’t seen the process…as it takes place with a live model’s image.

  17. IWantMyVisionBack
    IWantMyVisionBack says:

    Don’t give a shit.

    Take it upon yourself as an individual to unplug from the media and whatever else that causes you to be insecure about your body, who you are as a person etc.

    Problem solved.

  18. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    We spend a lot of time blaming the media for this problem when actually this begins at birth with little girls and how they are genderized in society. How many times does a little girl hear how pretty she is before she is five years old? How many times does she hear how smart she is? If she is taught, by our comments, that her looks are the most important thing about her, then she will probably grow up thinking this for the rest of her life. The media, peers, fashion, and the cinema simply reinforce what we have already taught her.

  19. Arcyamen
    Arcyamen says:

    It’s weird how some people are ignoring the video core subject and keep commenting on the interviewer body!

  20. Yvonne Sanchez
    Yvonne Sanchez says:

    YES. Retouching should have very strict regulation on mass forms of media (i.e. movies, TV shows, music videos, magazines, any form of advertisement). At the VERY LEAST there should be obvious labels stating that photos have been retouched and are therefore a poor reflection of what it means to be a REAL human being. A little dramatic, yes. But you get the point. Instagram and other outlets that people use on a regular basis do not count as a mass form of media in my opinion.

  21. Chantee Jacques
    Chantee Jacques says:

    Hollywood celebrities aren’t perfect. All pictures are 100% photoshop . Today’s Beauty standards are unrealistic and cause low self esteem. Even if you have the perfect body your always gonna find something about it you don’t like. Super models are under pressure everyday because professional photoshopers are going to find the tiniest detail that they don’t like about them, That’s why they get plastic surgery . They can never age peacefully or their not allowed to age at all. We should consider our selfs lucky that were not supper models who don’t have to go through constant pressure of having to look perfect all the time. We should stop comparing or self to others and to false advertising cause it’s silly. There’s no such thing as a perfect body. Only you can be you, only I can be me, we always wanna be what we’re not. We should be happy with what we got. We’re perfect the way we are with our impurities, doubts and scars. Life is to short to worry don’t you know it’s true. Only you can you only I can be me.

  22. Raul Blanco Music
    Raul Blanco Music says:

    It’s the same case with music. Every Pop song has the vocals tuned to perfection. Even singers who can really sing live, have their vocals "retouched" to perfection. It’s just the standard, and the public has no idea.

  23. rockerseven
    rockerseven says:

    3:28 – "I’m so much prettier with Photoshop!" I gotta say, I got a little teary eyed when I heard that 🙁

  24. Lulastic Hippyshake
    Lulastic Hippyshake says:

    Ugh it is so gross "this is where the magic happens" – sorry but how totally fucking misogynisitic is this process? UGH

  25. Tommy Stuart
    Tommy Stuart says:

    The girl is trying to act smart by saying photoshoppers have "indeed gone too far". That indeed was unnessisary…

  26. splinterbyrd
    splinterbyrd says:

    EDUCATION!!! Unfortunately, I don’t see how one could ban photoshop and the creation of impossible-to-attain images of women. I think the only answer is to do what this video is doing; educate! And it should start with children the younger the better; they must grow up with this knowledge already there, rather than trying to implant it later on

  27. benneth krattli
    benneth krattli says:

    The only reason its a problem is because you’re making it a problem. stop giving fucks. boom, problem solved

  28. starryeyedaries
    starryeyedaries says:

    This video was assigned to me to watch by one of my college professors and all I can say is wow…I think there should be a disclosure in magazines or ads that use Photoshop or retouch photos so that the public is aware that this isn’t what people actually look like! It’s so sad to think that little girls are seeing this photos and comparing themselves to the impossible.

  29. Dan Knight
    Dan Knight says:

    Bottom line, if you want to see what celebrities really look like, look at the photos in The Star or Enquirer.

  30. Lauren Verbeke
    Lauren Verbeke says:

    I definitely agree with the fact that there should be a kind of tag or specific sign in magazines or advertisements that use Photoshop or retouch photos so that the people are aware that they aren’t real people. If you compare the girl in the video with the same girl but being photo shopped, it’s a huge difference! Although she is very beautiful and natural of her own but people in our society want to create a person who looks perfect but in reality this is NOT possible! I was aware of the fact that Photoshop have been used but this video opened my eyes a little bit more.


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