Steampunk Stained Glass Butterfly | Let’s Paint #3

Steampunk Stained Glass Butterfly | Let’s Paint #3

I am finally continuing this series! In this episode I design a cool little mechanical butterfly and a background to go with it. Took me a very long time, around 42 hours over a couple of weeks, so I’m proud to finally be able to put this out. I tried to make this episode more presentable than the previous ones, put some more time into editing and cleaning up the timelapse footage from my constant zooming in and out while drawing. As always I’m very open to feedback on this format, so if you happen to have some thoughts about how I could improve this series, don’t hesitate to let me know in the comments! I’ll definitely take it into account since you read the description, which means you care! 😉

Final image:

Timelapse music (all from Epidemic Sound):
2:40 – 4:14 Molife – Ism
6:52 – 8:48 Molife – Imprint
11:20 – 15:40 Brendon Moeller – The Vaal
20:07 – 22:33 Lofive – Amphibian



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Tablet – Huion WH1409
Drawing software – Photoshop CC
Editing software – Premiere Pro CC
Photoshop plugins – Coolorus (color wheel), BrushBox (brush manager)


Thanks 4 the viewing session

50 replies
  1. maria - chan!
    maria - chan! says:

    This is definitely my favorite series. The in depth discussion of not only the technical parts of a piece but also the creative thought process which goes behind every piece makes this series very interesting. Love how you seem to be working on something new and that you give importance to perspective and lighting because more often than not I see artists always just focusing on the aesthetic. Also I love how you were able to make the butterfly look functional and of course aesthetically pleasing. With every new video you put up your professionalism, skill and creativity seem to grow. Watching this is always a fun ride and very therapeutic actually, I have no complaint about the video length, I think that it’s only fitting since there’s actually a huge amount of content here. I watch your meme-y videos too and enjoy them and it’s great to see you cater to two different audiences and make it work. I absolutely adore this channel. More power!

  2. nick t
    nick t says:

    This painting be beautiful. But just one thing, if it was supposed to be wide angled, that one blurred thing on the top left must have been something that was literally on the lens. Other than that, great work!

  3. PegaKittySus ;3
    PegaKittySus ;3 says:

    I really enjoyed seeing the process that another artist goes through when creating a piece. I’ve learned a little bit about backgrounds just from watching this, and I plan on using some of your techniques in new pieces. Because, recently I’ve been working on backgrounds and stepping out of that comfort zone of my mine. Thanks for this, and keep it up! Have a nice day, Challa.

  4. Justine the banana
    Justine the banana says:

    25:58 "It was a happy accident"

    "No mistakes, just happy accidents" Bob Ross

  5. Sketchios
    Sketchios says:

    Really impressive and interesting bts video as always. I actually enjoyed it more than the piece(?) xD .Great to hear your thoughts and ideas behind the whole structure of the drawing and especially on that technical level. The ending result looks incredible! One thing I’d like is that the wings would be less rendered and more transparent as they where in 20:29 or so , so you get that clear glass-y feeling , I could almost imagine how they "flap" even if they’re made of glass..

  6. Sneku
    Sneku says:

    You have to work so much on these drawings but you don’t get enought views :l. But the real challagundlaers are here.

  7. Mycs Garcia
    Mycs Garcia says:

    I liked how you were able to handle the challenge and the levels of difficulty you’ve been tackling. And also how you talked to your client which is important of course. In overall I’m impressed, you take time and effort and honestly this was the best work you ever done (for me c: ) keep it up!

  8. distractingAnimegirl
    distractingAnimegirl says:

    you look similar to this one kid in my class that randomly spits out "beter" and "normies" at people. one time he all the sudden T-posed in the staircase and a girl fell on him

  9. Carly Shipman
    Carly Shipman says:

    I really like how the composition turned out; highlighting the butterfly using the ceiling was smart. The cool-toned colors and clash of natural versus mechanical elements creates a really cool atmosphere! Also the video editing looked great! Thanks for the awesome video, it was interesting all the way through ^^

  10. Castiel
    Castiel says:

    I’m glad you added the concept art and stuff before you made the actual finished piece because I found it really interesting

  11. Cat1192
    Cat1192 says:

    This turned out amazing. I love how much work you put into these commissions, It shows how much you care about this. Your art and and your fans. This is one if the reasons that I love watching your videos.

  12. hoot hoot
    hoot hoot says:

    I really liked this painting! The perspective is impressive and it looks really interesting, the only thing I would change is the sky, I think it would look better if the clouds were kind of circling the butterfly too. But that’s just a small detail lol. Keep up the good work!!


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