Rob Grimm Interview: Product, Food, & Beverage Photography Pt. 2

Rob Grimm Interview: Product, Food, & Beverage Photography Pt. 2

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This is part two of a two part interview with product, food, and beverage photographer Rob Grimm. Rob has been working as a professional photography in the advertising field for 20 years and has worked with large names such as Bacardi, Energizer, and Budweiser.

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27 replies
  1. flickwtchr
    flickwtchr says:

    Thank you Rob Grimm.  Your impressive work definitely reflects your personal brilliance.  Thank you for sharing your insights and processes.

  2. mary w
    mary w says:

    +Phlearn Photoshop and Photography Tutorials: I appreciate the fact that someone knowledgeable and talented is interviewing someone talented. nothing is taken for granted and effort is recognized. Aaron, u are the man!

  3. Karol S
    Karol S says:

    Aaron thank you for interviewing this guy. I love his approach to the business and he is extremely inspirational, knowledgeable, creative, and humble. My mindset has changed because of him. Keep up the good work guys

  4. Merethe
    Merethe says:

    What a great interview. Loved it !Great reflective questions that were asked . I was inspired , even if I’m not near his approach to photography. 

  5. Santosh Kulkarni
    Santosh Kulkarni says:

    Aaron although this is an old post, I enjoyed seeing it after 2 & half years. Superb interview by you, good questions and equally well answers by Rob. Hats of to both of you. Thanks for sharing this video and I learned at lot.

  6. JrK
    JrK says:

    Thanks a lot for both parts of this interview, it was very well done. A lot of Rob’s work is very inspirational. I had not known Rob before but he is very down to earth, no arrogance attached and gets my total respect.

  7. Robert Futrell
    Robert Futrell says:

    Fantastic interview! Both part 1&2! Rob gave precious pearls of wisdom. Thank you to the both of you gentlemen.

  8. Dick Ruumpol
    Dick Ruumpol says:

    Nice video:D i saw the grolsch bottle at 24:18:P the grolsch brewery is just a couple of kilometres from where i live in the netherlands 🙂

  9. says:

    I couldn’t agree more about Rob’s entire business approach. I have very consciously always taken the same approach and I think clients appreciate it. You have to be a collaborator, you have to know that the end product is for your client, you have to keep calm and be a problem solver, and above all, you have to be courteous and respectful at all times. I also love what was stated about confrontation – it is not about confrontation, it is about problem solving – together. I also agree that while artistic, commercial photography is far more commerce than straight up art.


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