Rig With Rubber Pants | How To Animate

Rig With rubber pants | How to Animate

to ANIMATE Welcome to Ross Plaskow of the tutorial series on HOW.
Today, we have a character with rubber pants are fake.
Rubber pants HERE http://www.battleaxe.co/rubberhose/
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Adobe After Effects and rubber pants need to be the end of this series of tutorials.


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  1. pandy point
    pandy point says:

    can you plz tell me how to use one character to done multiple tasks in a composition for example stop a walking cycle of character and do some other action .any action like sitting hand shaking .i stuck in this problem since one month and searching a lot but could not find any solution.if you will do this for me it should be your kindness and a i will remember your this great help in my animation journey .plz if you have no video on this can you plz make a video .i have learn a lot from this video

  2. Vincent Beck
    Vincent Beck says:

    Can you use rubberrig with an arm and hand? Whenever i use it, my pieces get warped and screwed up by the plugin.

  3. The Cheshire
    The Cheshire says:

    Does the program cost money? I really want to animate like you do,and this video has been absolutely perfect 🙂

  4. Childrenbestbeware /// CBB!
    Childrenbestbeware /// CBB! says:

    looks like ants in the pants character in rick and morty just less fat and no ants whatsoever

  5. Jay Hertog
    Jay Hertog says:

    with this kinda 2d animation, is it essential to make vector artwork? still hate to do the anchor lines stuff #sorry #imnewb #getgud

  6. The Odd Hikikomori
    The Odd Hikikomori says:

    wow i never thought i could watch a 31 minute video on youtube but it just happened
    I like how you took your time and explained the methods. You just earned a subscriber

  7. Rev Studios
    Rev Studios says:

    Been wondering what Ross looked like for a while now, and now I know he’s a direct descendant of the Beastie Boys!

  8. Ross Plaskow
    Ross Plaskow says:

    Yes. It looks like a Rick and Morty character. Rick and Morty is awesome.
    Who doesn’t want to learn how to animate like Rick and Morty in After Effects?

  9. Comedyteamz
    Comedyteamz says:

    For a sec I thought you were gonna rig the pencil sketch as is, and make him move as pencil drawing. That would of been lit, on some-"How the fuck did he do that?"- type shit.

  10. BM XT
    BM XT says:

    Great stuff. Do you have or can you point me to some tutorial on how to make rig with rotatable head and body. Basic angles. Or there is no big deal and I just should have different rigs for different angles?

  11. jurtly
    jurtly says:

    This is awesome but now I have a full character ready to animate and you tell me I need a plug-in afterwards.. I appreciate the work though a lot. Now I’ll look up someone else to teach the rest

  12. Ryan DelGrego
    Ryan DelGrego says:

    How do I change the bend direction of the leg? RubberHose keeps making the rig bend in the wrong direction. Great vid, btw (:


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