Restaurants You Didn’t Know Changed Their Name

Restaurants You Didn’t Know Changed Their Name

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IHOP confused thousands of people when it suddenly changed a single letter in its name. A new burger menu prompted the acronym IHOb and attempted to shift the restaurant’s focus away from their signature pancake dishes. But while their campaign spread faster as a result of social media, they’re far from the first restaurant to rebrand.

KFC | 0:31
Subway | 1:33
Sonic Drive-In | 2:26
Domino’s | 3:17
Chick-fil-A | 4:05
Boston Market | 5:12
R Taco | 6:13

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50 replies
  1. DesertScorpionKSA
    DesertScorpionKSA says:

    IHOP faked its name change to IHOb to promote its burgers. Do your research so you don’t embarrass yourselves.

  2. MEX BOT
    MEX BOT says:

    IHop is still iHop that was just to promote their burgers, do your research and dominos pizza changed their name to just dominos becuase they sell more than just pizza so it isnt just a pizza place, thats why

  3. Larry Geary
    Larry Geary says:

    Colonel Sanders…MY HERO!! Bucket of Chicken, fries, buns and napkins…drinks extra….all for $7.99…back in the early 70’s. For us it was real Class.

  4. SweeneyTodd1992
    SweeneyTodd1992 says:

    Try again on kfc I live near sanders cafe here in Ky his original store that he ran where he invented the recipe

  5. singlah
    singlah says:

    3:20 Pizza is not usually associated with New York. It’s associated with Italy because that’s where it’s from.

  6. Richard Bryant
    Richard Bryant says:

    Holy fucking shit, KFC used to be known as Kentucky fried chicken, I would never have known, thanks for enlightening me.

  7. C Ewe
    C Ewe says:

    I remember when the sonic workers wore roller skates when delivering food. That was in the 90s. So they were doings it well after the 60s.

  8. Dirkdiggler
    Dirkdiggler says:

    Dominos pizza in the 70’s had to go by dominos pizza dispatch because they were being sued by amstar for trademark infringement over dominos sugar

  9. Archy Dolder
    Archy Dolder says:

    SAMBO’s, also known as "Little Black Sambo’s" coffee shop, with decor depicting a dark skinned child and a tiger had over 1,100 locations in the USA in the 1970’s. Beaten down by several law suits based on obvious racial overtones, the chain changed it’s name to "The Jolly Tiger" with decor featuring a light skinned child and a tiger. That didn’t work out too well and by the 1980s the company was changing the name of its coffee shops again to "No Place Like Sam’s". Eventually, the operation completely collapsed with only one location remaining today in Santa Barbara, CA back under the original name Sambo’s.

  10. Falco Lombardi99
    Falco Lombardi99 says:

    1: i knew that one
    2: i didn’t know that
    3: another one i didn’t know
    4: didn’t know that
    5: didn’t know that
    6: didn’t know that, knew of Philly market though
    7: Didn’t know that

  11. Chuck-U Farly
    Chuck-U Farly says:

    I remember when Boston Market first opened a store in Boston but there was another roasted chicken place in Brookline only a few miles away that opened a year earlier called La Roastisarea which was basically the same but their chicken was much much better. Juicier and tastier. The sauce they used was out of this world. Don’t know if they are still there. I moved back to NY 18 years ago and after that I started seeing Boston Market popup all over the place but never heard anything about La Roatisarea. Their side dishes were better too. Wish there was one of them here. I do have Boston Market around to corner but not the same.

  12. charmanater
    charmanater says:


  13. Samuel Rosenberg
    Samuel Rosenberg says:

    I think it likely that Papa John will be next in order to distance the chain from the founder who can’t keep his foot out of his mouth.

  14. Najee Nixon
    Najee Nixon says:

    IHob would’ve made more sense if they changed it years ago since they don’t only serve pancakes but at this point, it’s a joke. I will always call it IHOP.

  15. TimeAttack Dreamer
    TimeAttack Dreamer says:

    These videos are great but damn the narrator’s voice is disturbingly annoying to say the least.

  16. Tucker Campbell
    Tucker Campbell says:

    actually, chick fa la invented the chicken sandwich when delta started serving chicken and the chicken was too big for the containers on the plane. So they cut the extra chicken off and was about to through them away when someone said I know this family restaurant nearby maybe they would want it and the chicken sandwich was born.

  17. Desmond Ciauri
    Desmond Ciauri says:

    And there are 7!!! Subways in our little city area of Cypress/Buena Park/ La Palma that are about 8miles is circumference within our humble towns. That’s way too many, because we have another two dozen places in just our little area that sells good sandwiches so Subway gets overlooked especially when they don’t have the 5 dollar deal.

  18. Desmond Ciauri
    Desmond Ciauri says:

    Sucks for the guy with the tacos, his hard work is going to be whored out without his consent because he is dead.Dying isn’t that koo im a fan of living.That’s just me though


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