Quick Fix: How to Open a Motion Graphics Template in Adobe After Effects

Quick Fix: How to Open a Motion Graphics Template in Adobe After Effects

Motion Graphics Templates (.MOGRT) are designed to be installed and modified in Adobe Premiere Pro’s Essential Graphics Panel. You can design .MOGRTS in After Effects, but you cannot open a .MOGRT file in After Effects. BUT there is a quick fix. In this video, learn how to Open & Edit a .MOGRT file in Adobe After Effects. Purchase this Motion Graphics Template (.MOGRT) from my store: http://bit.ly/2vmaXkV

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50 replies
  1. VM A.
    VM A. says:

    THANK YOU! I had a graphics template that seemed to be corrupted ("media pending") and kept crashing my project. It was a freebie so I had no idea how to fix it. Opening up the AE file and saving it made it useable again.

  2. Geraldine Carney
    Geraldine Carney says:

    thank you so much for this. <3 you saved me!! now to figure out how to transport to Final Cut X. :((

  3. Nifty Footwork
    Nifty Footwork says:

    Is it possible that this doesn’t work anymore? Seems like adobe has secured the templates because I can’t open the .aep file. It opens in premiere with a .prproj extension but i canoot change the font there. Also I cannot seem to find the purchased templates. Anyone have any ideas?

  4. Tom Y
    Tom Y says:

    Thank you, almighty sensei!! This was the answer to bazillions of editor prayers and you have shown us the door to AE heaven!

  5. Tom Solid
    Tom Solid says:

    O M G! You saved my entire YouTube Creator live! Thank you so much for sharing this workaround!! Subscribed!

  6. Will Mendez
    Will Mendez says:

    Awesome! Exactly what I wanted. The problem I ran into afterwards is that other comps were missing inside that file. Not sure why. :/

  7. ClipReply
    ClipReply says:

    Great video! I used this method to import a responsive MOGRT made in Premiere into AE but it showed up as a proxy sequence that’s not editable. Any idea how I can bring it into AE and still being able to edit it and keep the responsive character?


    Is there a way to use a Motion Graphics Template in an older version of Premiere? I’m still running CS6. Thank you!

  9. Patrick Henry
    Patrick Henry says:

    hi .. i already have premiere pro 2018 installed in my machine. it works fine when using the editing panel but soon i select the graphics panel to insert text it shows adobe stopped working. uninstall and reinstall has not helped do you know of a solution to this problem. please get back to me via gmail patrickhenry416@gmail.com

  10. Pasia Omega
    Pasia Omega says:

    OMG thanks for being a lifesaver! Very good video, thanks for getting straight to the point. Subscribed!

  11. PiXimperfect
    PiXimperfect says:

    Wow! Didn’t know that actually existed. Amazing tutorial. I recently purchased lower third templates but the containers were not responsive. This video really helped me resize them.

  12. Rob Tyler
    Rob Tyler says:

    How on earth do you do this using Windows, I see a few comments saying it was difficult but none explaining how, would be useful!

  13. RVAV-Richmond Virginia Audio Visual
    RVAV-Richmond Virginia Audio Visual says:

    I’m on a PC, not a Mac, and the strange thing is the file extention .MOGRT doesn’t appear with these files so changing them to a .zip is not working. Any ideas?

  14. AJ production
    AJ production says:

    Premier Gal, thank you so much for such an amazing channel and tutorials! I have a little problem tho. I did everything correctly until I exported it to Essential Graphics, and when I tried to use it, Premier gave me an error message and that the file is off-line. What would you think the problem is? thank you again for this great content! 🙂


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