Photoshop Tutorial: Layers And Layer Masks For Beginners

Photoshop Tutorial: layers And layer masks For beginners

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It is a beginner tutorial about the use of layers, adjustment layers and layer masking in Photoshop.

If you have any questions, been confused, and the return through layers or layer show / hide and that you want to key, then this is the video for you.

I will also why the adjustment layers, which are essential for the non-destructive editing (and why this is a good thing). Curves, levels, hue/saturation, etc., These changes can all be made non-destructively, by the techniques presented in this tutorial.

Original video posted on youtube:

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  1. mangouni
    mangouni says:

    This has been an excellent intro to adjustment layers and masks :). The difficulty is in the concepts for me and this explanation helped alot. Thanks!

  2. Benny Singh
    Benny Singh says:

    This was a horrible demonstration. You didn’t give background information at all you just jumped right into creating layers and copying layers and going back to layers to show if someone made a mistake.

  3. Tony Kirkham
    Tony Kirkham says:

    This has been the best described introduction to layers and masks I have seen so far. Very useful. Thanks for publishing.

  4. Debbie Koske
    Debbie Koske says:

    Thank you! This was very helpful! I had already been using adjustment layers, but never understood the mask concept until now.

    BOT YOSA says:

    I enjoyed the simplicity. I grabbed the concept immediately but after all the effects you didn’t tell us how make the whole image into 1.

  6. chris seen
    chris seen says:

    Good demonstration of masking but how do you edit the area that you define in the mask when you are masking out a section of the top layer completely

  7. Najeeb Ullah
    Najeeb Ullah says:

    I am just a beginner, and must say this is the best video explaining layers and masks in the simplest terms. Excellent video and thank you for sharing and teaching your skills.

  8. Kjetil Veslestøl Tveito
    Kjetil Veslestøl Tveito says:

    Brilliant walkthrough in relatively slow pace. As said below, finally I can actually understand this part of photoshop. Thanks a lot!!

  9. Dermot P Coyne
    Dermot P Coyne says:

    i watched this video quickly some time ago and moved onto other videos. Total plus, now i am back to this one and its the best. focus at last i am signing up for the rest of the videos. this works because it is delivered at a pace that can be followed by me. dpc

  10. Mark Streit
    Mark Streit says:

    Really fantastic explanation… thank you. One question – let’s say in your example where you have 3 layers (the original + 2 adjustment layers)… how do you then export out the FINAL resulting image… (total newb to PS – LR, I’m quite versed in but PS is a mystery). In LR, I import RAW (CR2) , do the tuning and export to JPG. Thanks

  11. Beth Heinecamp
    Beth Heinecamp says:

    I finally realized that I’d been skipping a lot of steps in trying to teach myself Photoshop on my own, as I watched this video. I was intimidated by Photoshop for the longest time. I would try stuff that was way too advanced for me. Then I’d get frustrated and give up. So, I really appreciate the time you spent creating this video. It is just what I needed.

  12. Frank Cich
    Frank Cich says:

    Excellent tutorial for those of us that understand the concept, but not how they are applied. You changed that for me. Now I understand much better. Thank you!

  13. John Martin
    John Martin says:

    The best video on layers. Very nice presentation of the layer concept. Just after 20 mins of this video, you will feel so much accomplished. A Good teaher makes the subject easy.

    Thanks a million. 🙂


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