Photoshop Tutorial | How To Create 3D Pop Out Effect

Photoshop Tutorial | How To Create 3D Pop Out Effect

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weather you call it 3d manipulation or you call it 3d photo effect, one thing is sure, that the original picture is adorable as hell. I really love that picture and thought it would be awesome to include it in tutorial.

But as i mentioned it in my video, if you want tutorial for that dancer picture, let me know. i think that manipulation also turned out pretty good.

The actual effect is very easy, all you have to do is find correct picture and adjust perspective properly. That is everything. The color correction and lighting will only work if you have done basics of the effect properly.

So, i hope you have some fun time following this video and if you create this effect, send a pic at my facebook page, i ll happily review it 🙂


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50 replies
  1. Taha Haroon
    Taha Haroon says:

    thanks i’m gonna make a video using these images and the skills i learned from this video!!!!! On My Channel! Taha Haroon

  2. Shiba Kairi
    Shiba Kairi says:

    I don’t know how it helped me a lot and I made a pic n apply effects whatever you have taught in this video. I would love to show u but how?

    But thank u so much this video is really helpful. Now I am learning photoshop from your video.

    I want you to make more video on photoshop and illustrator and coreldraw.
    By the way I am gonna subscribe your video first time.

  3. Merlissa Mathurin
    Merlissa Mathurin says:

    You are fantastic at tutorials! I watched it first before attempting it, I got so excited by just watching the steps because they didn’t seem difficult at all! Great job!


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