Photoshop Tutorial – 3 – How to Create a New Document

Photoshop Tutorial – 3 – How to Create a New Document

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48 replies
  1. techgamer
    techgamer says:

    Keep up the good work man, I thought u are specialized at coding lol now its seemed u know more than my imagination..thanks man for this type of video

  2. dracerick
    dracerick says:

    I like your videos you do wonderful job teaching a starter like me LOL. I see how you say one setting if you are doing logos to print or ones just to keep on line or for videos. After I have made it for comput. Is there a way to go into setting and change it so I can print it. Or put it in video. Rather then make it all over again

  3. Charmaine Wu
    Charmaine Wu says:

    Love the speed and depth of your videos! 🙂 Very easy to follow, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us! I really really appreciate it 😀

  4. CozQQ
    CozQQ says:

    Im pretty sure its becuse he allways have his zoom on, and you dont rly need more than 360p when he`s using the zoom. + its fast to upload. but ye could atleast render to 720p ^^

  5. John Mutch
    John Mutch says:

    Very excellent presentation! I am really impressed with your delivery. The timing was perfect. I really like the extra bits of information as you explained the basics. BRAVO!

  6. adtc
    adtc says:

    If phones worked like desktops, showing images pixel-for-pixel, yes. And that would make a sucky phone (think Windows Mobile).. Thankfully, modern phones fill images to the entire screen and allow smooth pinch zoom, and pretty much never display an image pixel-for-pixel (unless you’re looking at a very badly designed app). So, you don’t need to worry about ppi in a phone screen too. Only when printing, you have to worry. Different ppi’s for the exact same image can result in different prints.

  7. MrAwesomeLuis
    MrAwesomeLuis says:

    in photoshop cs6 the new file i created shows up at 50%  up on the files tab, not sure how to change to 100% or what it even means.

  8. Lee Willmann
    Lee Willmann says:

    I gotta say I am so glad you are doing these! I have wanted to get better with Photoshop for a long time now. Thanks for the videos!

  9. Timmy B
    Timmy B says:

    hey I’m having a problem- my white is showing up as yellow in my photoshop documents what can I do to change that?

  10. adtc
    adtc says:

    Actually high values of "pixels/inch" doesn’t make the image worse or consume more memory at all. It only affects printing but images on computer screen would be exactly the same. But when you print, low ppi leads to large image with low quality and high ppi leads to tiny image with high quality (if printer can support that high ppi). So you can pretty much completely ignore "ppi" on a computer. It’s not applicable to anything you do on computer at all except for a little thing called ur printer

  11. A Niki
    A Niki says:

    hey I’m new to Photoshop. I’m taking web design classes and there is a lot to learn lol.  love your videos so far keep it up there a real help. I have one question though. I have to make a web-page homepage for hypothetical gaming company. When creating a new doc for a web page should I choose the web option or the default potion since no specific parameters are specified in my instructions.

  12. Victoria Cantrell
    Victoria Cantrell says:

    Thank you for your simple tutorials without crazy graphics and crazy music…..I’m subscribing….I love that your not too fast….

  13. tulin tok
    tulin tok says:

    When ı clik to new … ı dont have same ımage you have….mıne ıs black and not same as your….Why????


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