Study and Learn SEO Netlinking in ON, BC, QC

Netlinking is now considered as a very young science, but also essential in any SEO project. Professionals in the field have divergent views on the subject. Indeed, it is important for netlinking to be seen as natural in the eyes of Google. Let’s focus on this technique that emulates people in Ontario.

Some data for the benefit of netlinking

Netlinking is now considered as one of the main optimization leverages in a natural referencing SEO strategy. So, it is very important to master all data concerning this method to always remain efficient. We will especially attach importance to the choice of anchors, content sources, the length of texts, etc. A Toronto study shows several essential rules for netlinking:

– The proportion of natural anchors
– The proportion homepage / internal pages
– The presence of the brand name in anchors
– The proportion of links dofollow / no dofollow
– The selection of thematic and influential sources

What to do with this information?

If your goal is to stay discreet enough in the eyes of Google, using these information will be very simple. Just try to stick as closely as you can to the netlinking practices and especially point, whenever it is possible, at quality websites. By constantly working on the websites that you want to refer, you can make very discrete external links that are relevant for users. So, you will manage to slowly reach your goal but in a safe way without being perceived with suspicion by Google. Indeed, the discretion of your work will make your website gaining visibility. However, you will have to show patience. The same rule is applicable to the linkbaiting: your texts 400 and 600 words have more luck to naturally win referring domains.

To sum up: what is a good backlink strategy?

A quality backlink strategy is quite difficult to determine because only a human being is able to validate the 100% quality of the content. Then we can say that a successful netlinking strategy is only achieved by a quality website and by its discretion (which is an essential requirement). Today discretion is the essence of SEO and professionals constantly insist on that point in each seminar or training.

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