How to Transform the Body in Photoshop

How to Transform the Body in Photoshop

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Altering a model’s body proportions is a very controversial topic. In today’s episode, we show you some techniques to get a great transformed body without pushing it too far.

Although tucking the stomach in usually comes to mind first, there are many other helping tricks for shaping bodies in Photoshop. Generally, you are going for increased height in the body. Lengthening the legs and the neck is a great subtle way to do this.

Puppet Warp

Duplicate the background layer and go to Edit – Puppet Warp. With this tool, you can create anchor points for the areas that you would like to stay in place. For this image we create points on her hips and then on the outsides of her feet. Then, we can pull the feet down a little and stretch only the legs out.

You can use puppet warp for stretching the neck as well. Put points around her head so that it doesn’t move, and one on each shoulder. Then lift the head up to lengthen the neck.

At last, tummy slimming! We use the same puppet technique for this as well. Be careful not to over over-exaggerate this transformation.


On a duplicate of your top layer, go to Filter – Liquify. We use the Forward Warp Tool which can be found at the top left of the dialogue, and allows you to push and pull the image. Use this tool to bring in her arms and hips a bit.

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50 replies
  1. Thanassis Fournarakos
    Thanassis Fournarakos says:

    Absolutely out of this world! Thanassis Fournarakos, retired (2011)Professional Photographer (born in 1946), Greece.

  2. Ivonne Villegas giraldo
    Ivonne Villegas giraldo says:

    I love your tutorials but I usually got to work with models and backgrounds so things get a little bit difficult. Could you make this tutorial with backgrounds like landscapes or buildings? and again I must say that I love the way you guide your techniques. Regards

  3. Kelly Wilson
    Kelly Wilson says:

    Well since you said we could say so….Hey Aaron! I really like your shirt today. It looks really nice on you. 🙂 I mean it!

  4. Joni Rich
    Joni Rich says:

    Great tutorial but my images of people aren’t usually on solid backgrounds so when I warp a person, the background warps as well. I tried to select the person, mask them and then Puppet warp but that didn’t turn out great, either. Any suggestions on what I can do?

  5. Angela.K
    Angela.K says:

    People need to calm down. Nobody said there’s sth wrong with her. He wanted to do a tutorial and he had to take an example.

  6. Maurice Pierre
    Maurice Pierre says:

    I was wondering why a green screen is used when people want to add different backgrounds. Wouldn’t it be better to use a white screen? Also, how do you add backgrounds to green screens? Thanks guys. Love the videos.

  7. VillaT
    VillaT says:

    great video, but her head looked detached/ floating in the edit. Long necks have other features that are needing to be considered, like pronounced collar bones… For this to be realistic and not floating, it’d be decent work to create the effect artificially.

  8. Kristian Gallagher
    Kristian Gallagher says:

    Being taller or having a flatter stomach = looking "better"? Shame on you for promoting that misogynistic bs. You should know better. She’s fine the way she is.

  9. Diptayan Basak
    Diptayan Basak says:

    I’m learning so many new things. Keep up the good work man. you’re talented indeed. I recommended your channel to my c0-workers.

  10. Mizino: In Over My Head.
    Mizino: In Over My Head. says:

    Does it look like the head/face doesn’t match the body in the sample image he uses? Or is it just me?

  11. B K
    B K says:

    It’s funny watching this is 2017 looking back at Aaron’s "hipster" phase. Slouchy beanie, rope bracelets, multiple chain necklaces…


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