How to Replace a Sky Above a City Skyline –Photoshop Tutorial

How to Replace a Sky Above a City Skyline –Photoshop Tutorial

This is the very first of the tutvid “trash” tutorials. These Photoshop tutorials will be parts of larger tutorials that I skimmed over or sped past. In this case, we’ll take a deeper dive into some of the manual, yet very effective, ways to cut out a sky above a city skyline (Philadelphia) and replace that sky with a more cloudy sky that fits the purposes of our project. These tutorials are meant to be quick and dirty, and sometimes they may be kind of boring, but my hope is that–even if this particular video is a little less exciting than a normal tutorial–somebody can find some value and guidance by seeing every little step along the way. Enjoy!

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  1. John Kirkwood
    John Kirkwood says:

    Nice video, well explained as usual.
    A little point if I may, I would normally fade out the sky on the horizon a little with the gradient tool on the mask, looks a bit too in-focus for the distance it’s at.

  2. Trevor Coultart
    Trevor Coultart says:

    I need to replace a lot of skies in Real Estate photography, but rarely are the edges so well defined as in this example. Would love to see a version of this done through autumnal trees.

  3. MegaWhitePony
    MegaWhitePony says:

    Lots of chromatic apperations in the pic. Wondering if the quick selection tool did a better job without the chromatic apperations…

  4. Dayta
    Dayta says:

    all this manual labor brings back memorys of the first atempts to draw with the atari lazer gun on crt monitor wich worked in some kind of 160×80 large pixels black and white screen to draw and create stuff. later on deluxepaint comes along on amiga with a mouse it was like a wizzard dropped his magic wand and we found it. now with photoshop we have this amazing tool so much history of how to do things goes into it that makes our life easyer one general rule still remains from the old days. if something turns out to be good there is a pretty good chance it is time that was spend doing it. the more time you put into things the more perfect they get the sky is the limit or in this case not even the sky 🙂

    personal note .. i dont like adding and substracting to and from selection the only part in photoshop i fucked up more then selection is fideling with the path tool even today i cant remember ever doing a path or selection work without using the undo button at some point

  5. Yann Zitouni
    Yann Zitouni says:

    Hi ! And thanks for your videos. I, personally, would have used the Select and Mask feature, including the Refine Edge brush. I suspect it would have been a not so good idea. But why?

  6. Desmond L
    Desmond L says:

    Love your work and thanks for everything. I have a tutorial request please that always gets me during these type of projects. could you further discuss perspective and vanishing points as it relates to composite work like this and adding people into perspective etc… Thanks

  7. Nurb 2Kea
    Nurb 2Kea says:

    Get rid of the aberration with camera raw —many green & pink aberration options there for this.
    Fringing can be handled with the three Matting options under the bottom of the Layer menu.

    A rough solution could also be to feather & contract the mask 1-3 pixels.

    You could have saved lot’s of time in this tut.
    Sky has a horrible perspective, never seen something like this… 🙂

    One little thing: Please take at least one breath while making a tutorial. I’m scared that you will collaps some time.
    Sorry just a little joke. 🙂

  8. Nina Verbod
    Nina Verbod says:

    Is the retouching tutorial package amateur frienly? I want to learn how to edit some nice pictures with text into it, will I be able to learn that with this package? FYI I am very new to photoshop and I hope you can answer my quetsion. thanks 🙂

  9. naritcom
    naritcom says:

    Hi, this was great and you’ve enlightened me with the use of the poly lasso tool as I tended to get the paint brush out and use quick mask for some of those areas.
    Any chance of showing this with a more difficult horizon say trees & natural rocks instead of buildings with lots of straight lines.
    Also what mic are you using in these videos as the sound seems so natural with no background noise.

  10. Chas Dunn
    Chas Dunn says:

    go to select in the options, go do to select/and mask, hold down (shift) and click on select/and mask, refine edge comes up. Your wishes come to light.

  11. deep watts
    deep watts says:

    hey tutvid..✋..something not related with this video.BT.which led monitor r u using with ur desktop..

  12. Fibregraph aka CrazzyMattyBoy
    Fibregraph aka CrazzyMattyBoy says:

    The "Fringe" you talk about is, Chromatic Aberration. Not a bad video, just not a fan of that "look"

  13. Beverly Evans
    Beverly Evans says:

    Wouldn’t the magic wand tool select all the sky in the first place rather than use the quick selection and then the poly lasso?

  14. Frevell
    Frevell says:

    as always, an amazing video 😅
    BTW, do you have any video explaining how to edit lights in photos? to make them look better


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