How to Make a YouTube Banner in Photoshop! Channel Art Tutorial (2016/2017)

How to Make a YouTube Banner in Photoshop! Channel Art Tutorial (2016/2017)

Learn how to make a YouTube banner/channel art for your channel using Photoshop CS5/CS6/CC! This is an easy, simple tutorial for beginners who want to make a clean, custom and epic looking CUSTOM banner! This video teaches how you can personalize it by adding your own wallpapers, text, and social media links!

CLEAN 2D Logo & Banner Tutorial:

FREE YouTube Banner Template:

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Having a YouTube channel banner is NESSECARY when starting your YouTube channel. It adds a sense of branding to your channel and videos and reminds the viewer/subscriber whose channel their on. Also, any viewers who come pass your channel are more likely to SUBSCRIBE if you look like a professional looking channel.

FotoJet Banner Tutorial

Panzoid Banner Tutorial

Photoshop CS6/CC Banner Tutorial

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50 replies
  1. RDRGear
    RDRGear says:

    Bro you are amazingly talented. But if you are going to give tutorials. You need to remember people are here because they do not have the same knowlegde as you. Talking as fast as you do is super frustrating. Add that to his fast you move the mouse. It makes for a very unpleasant experience.

  2. DyKz
    DyKz says:

    Honeslty this would be such a great tutorial if you wouldnt be eminem rap god 2.0, like when u say the short commands i literally had to watch the video 5 times but still didnt get what u say.

  3. Desirea Herrera
    Desirea Herrera says:

    EPS is a vector file format used in Illustrator. Vector formats use math and trigonometry to determine forms in an image. It makes the image scalable without losing clarity.

  4. DaBeastBrett
    DaBeastBrett says:

    Hello. I make gaming videos. i have only 29 subs and i want to collab with fellow youtube gamers. Do you think you could do this huuuuuuge favor for me and create a logo and some channel art for my channel? You can message me through youtube messaging or just reply to the comment. Thankyou!

  5. The Daniel Show
    The Daniel Show says:

    my dude you are talking in this tutorial way to fast. Its a tutorial not a race. You need to realize that the people that come here dont know what they need to do. You need to slow down

  6. Syse Adventures
    Syse Adventures says:

    Your video is meant to teach people how to make a YouTube banner. You are moving too fast and there is nothing annoying as rewinding and pausing the video all the time. Slow down when teaching.

  7. Dumb Idiot
    Dumb Idiot says:

    Thank you so much man! Your video was good and to the point. If you want to see what I made using this tutorial just go to my channel ; )

  8. UboaSan
    UboaSan says:

    This is very useful for learning, but for a serious YouTube channel you might teach us how to make the banners background, not just take stuff out of google. you might use that as reference but if you use copyrighted content in your banner (channel art) without permission from the copyright owner it is subject to removal if the owner complains (in which case you will also be penalized for copyright infringement).

  9. Techno MC
    Techno MC says:

    hey man, I don’t know if you’ll read this, but thank you, this is the first, easy-to-follow tutorial i have been able to find after an hour of searching

  10. OneKing Music
    OneKing Music says:

    tried to get it to cut off like that and have the image in the center and it doesn’t work.. can you contact me back about this.. thanks brother

  11. Pilar R.Laguna
    Pilar R.Laguna says:

    Congratulations for this!
    It really helped me. Quite fast but I rather watch fast tutorials than slow ones 🙂


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