How To Make a WordPress Website

How To Make a WordPress Website

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Learn how to create a website step by step with no step skipped. Why make your website just ok, when you can have an extraordinary WordPress website? This is the best I have ever done and I will show you how in under 3 hours.

Download Theme:
Download Images:


Introduction 00:00:00
Overview & Costs 00:04:18
Get Domain Name & Hosting
Get Hosting & Domain Name 00:06:13
Get 35% Discount enter THIRTYFIVE 00:09:15

Install WordPress 00:10:41

Create Your Website

Login To WordPress 00:14:52
Change Password 00:15:47
Update WordPress 00:16:57
Uninstall Unnecessary Plugins 00:17:29
Get TESSERACT Theme 00:18:57
Install TESSERACT Theme 00:20:31
Header Navigation Colors 00:21:58
Navigation Link Colors 00:22:53
Site Title & Tagline 00:23:45
Remove Sample Page 00:24:29
Add All Pages 00:24:50
Add Menu 00:26:14

Build Home Page

Setup Home Page 00:27:55
Remove Sidebar 00:29:44
Add Plugins 00:30:52
Edit Home Page 00:35:16
Remove Title 00:38:14
Download Images 00:40:17
UnZip Images 00:42:12
Build Your Home Page 00:42:47
Add Logo 01:27:48
Create Credits Page 01:30:20
Add Footer Menu 01:31:57

Create About Page 01:33:31

Create Our Work Page 1:48:39

Build Services Page 01:57:13

Create Contact Page 02:09:17

Top Navigation Buttons 02:15:08
Social Media Icons 02:21:22
Make Headline Responsive 02:25:01
Background Position 02:26:22
Updating Your Theme 02:28:17
How To Make Great Looking Websites 02:29:28
Congratulations!! 02:31:01

50 replies
  1. Wayne Jordan
    Wayne Jordan says:

    sure they are beautiful sites. They are not built SEO OPTIMIZED. You can have the most beautiful site in the world but if no one sees it what good is it . SEO has changed so much. Thin content on pages are a complete waste of time and with Googles Panda and the like, you will not make ranks. It works by User experience and you ctr and bounce rate. how relevant your content is to the topic . "the user’s Question" Its ok to have image on site but you want a Pinterest image and pin your site to them. Keep your newest blogroll on the front page. When bots crawl your site they needs to be links between pages and he doesn’t even cover that subject. Use anchor text and contextual links to do this and tie all relevant content together You have to use You <H1> and so on h2 h3 as a silo effect where each piece of content supports the other. Big images are nice but they won’t get you traffic. Sure the big guys can have those types on home pages and such because they can afford paid traffic and they are well know. if you want to get traffic these sites built like this wont get you paid at all.even with yoast and proper keyword density you won’t rank with these thin content pages. the average page that ranks on google has 1860 words of awesome content not images . Images of this size also even when compressed they slow you load time drastically . you can use accelerator software but google will close a slow loading site . site speed is very very important to rank.your title must have your keyword in it. When you build a site do your homework. these sites are good to look at but no one will see them sorry

  2. Estefania Arellano
    Estefania Arellano says:

    so when I pay on godaddy for the domain, WordPress Personal is free? I want the wordpress that allows you to use css so I can change details around. #beginner

  3. Krishna Roy
    Krishna Roy says:

    Bro i have another problem. In my website page there is a layer between header and body… ( i think its breadcrumb layer) But not in my homepage my homepage’s header directly connected to body there is no margin so like this page i want to chnge my contact us page and wana remove that layer between header and body content.. I want to show u in images but how could it be possible

    CRAZY BEAST says:

    hey bro i am a youtuber can you help me making a website of youtube channel in which my all video go there please

  5. David Chandrawinata
    David Chandrawinata says:

    Hi Tyer, thank you for the video. I have a question on minute 12:30, you choose URL Does it matter which URL we choose? and how do we make the URL to our business name?

  6. denchieusangkhancap Công ty Vĩnh Thái
    denchieusangkhancap Công ty Vĩnh Thái says:

    Thanks Mr Tyler, your video is very useful for me, I am 35 years, but i don’t know what are my hobbies? thank very much, now i try creat my website.

  7. youtube all rounder
    youtube all rounder says:

    i love it :<the way u r explaining is awesome actually i was looking 4 how 2 make a anime website.please make a video about how to make a anime website or movie,please please…..

  8. South HemiTV 4
    South HemiTV 4 says:

    disagree with you. paypal and uber experimented with animated backgrounds. It slows down the page and doesnt work if window is shrunk or using different devices. They are not about functionality just showing off.

  9. Deanna
    Deanna says:

    Hi Tyler I am completely tech challenged so don’t laugh but can this tutorial be used for a blog as well and with bluehost? Your site is beautiful and just what i want mine to look like. Help

  10. Southwest Teardrops
    Southwest Teardrops says:

    Is there another place to find the codes that you are using? I noticed they’re no longer available on your website.

  11. Edriss Alexis
    Edriss Alexis says:

    I’m having A WORLD OF TROUBLE with my background images. Can anyone tell me why adding background images to one page will completely change background images to other unrelated pages? Any bit of help will be appreciated.

  12. Kim Dove
    Kim Dove says:

    Wow; this is spectacular Tyler. Wish I could navigate as fast as you are. How do I create my own while listening to you at the same time?

  13. Nisha Ahya
    Nisha Ahya says:

    I have a domain with godaddy. I installed wordpress. But it’s asking me to upgrade to business to be able to add plugins. Also I m not able to add new theme. Please advise. I m lost! 🙏

  14. Priyam Sharma
    Priyam Sharma says:

    Can we create website first in wordpress and then purchase wordpress hosting. so that i don’t have to pay extra for hosting , since, I don’t have my content ready.


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