How to make a Team Logo Car Decal with Silhouette

How to make a Team Logo Car Decal with Silhouette

In this video I will show you how to make a customized car decal using vinyl and your Silhouette Cameo/Portrait

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  1. Vicki Branham
    Vicki Branham says:

    Lorrie, the dog is very annoying for us trying to listen to you.  I love animals and have 7, but please do another video without him.  Thanks

  2. Lorrie Nunemaker
    Lorrie Nunemaker says:

    I no longer make silhouette videos. Sorry about the dog but please remember I do this for free and in my spare time which is very little. I do t have the time to remake videos because my dog barked. I do not get paid for bodies and made that video to help someone specifically who asked me a question.

  3. Kimberly Van Aken
    Kimberly Van Aken says:

    Thanks for the video!! Question….I’m super new. Do you print each piece separate since they are on different colors, and then put them together?

  4. 30swnsn
    30swnsn says:

    Thanks so much for this video. I just got my Silouette Cameo 2 and I’m going to try and make a car decal tonight…wish me luck LOL.

  5. Erwin Rangel
    Erwin Rangel says:

    +Lorrie Nunemaker hey nice video I’m in to that stuff decals for cars, I have a few questions, I want to buy a cameo but i don’t know if I should get the cameo 2 or the portrait. They both are a good size, which to you recommend, does the portrait work for Windows 8.1. Also I saw that cameo comes with shilloute vinyl is that good for outdoors like the Oracle 651. And also does the vinyl has to be a certain width for the cutter, or it doesn’t matter ?

  6. tvan718
    tvan718 says:

    Great vid, thanks for making it. I just joined the Cameo family, and vids like this really help to demystify the programs’ capabilities and functions. Thanks again. (your dog sounds just like my german shepherd! )

  7. ScrappyNana2011
    ScrappyNana2011 says:

    LOL! I wanted to comment how much I love your videos because they were short, precise, and quick. Then……….I read you no longer make silhouette videos. 🙁 The ones you did make was point on and served me well so thank you!

  8. Eat With Pookie
    Eat With Pookie says:

    You use kitchen contact paper? That sticks well and lasts a long time? How does it do exposed to the elements?

  9. Eddie Byrne
    Eddie Byrne says:

    Hi Lorrie thanks for the tutorial i have a question if this is for a car window would it not have to be reversed ? Thanks

  10. Donna
    Donna says:

    I had to have my husband watch this video with me because I was really confused… wasn’t Lorrie, it was me….so for all us beginners…..
    Lorrie LOADED the white white vinyl (she suggested we can use white contact paper) to cut the general white under-layer of the decal, she then filled in the color on the basket ball and the purple words. Lorrie then moved the orange basketball to the top of the mat and the purple letters to the bottom of the mat, then SELECTED the whole design and selected CUT EDGE – she pointed out the bright red lines that told us it was ready to cut.
    I could not get my head around how the basket ball would come out orange and letters purple. Then the light dawned…..I have to cut a piece of orange vinyl and put it at the top of the mat and cut a piece of purple vinyl and put it below the orange…..aligned with the cut on the screen, then cut. Maybe I am just a dense beginner, but I could not see that. Maybe it is because I have all this stuff I have bought (including ink pens) and it just did not make sense to me.
    Lorrie’s tutorial is great, but assumes that I have some basic knowledge of how things work. Great tutorial!
    I need to get Melissa’s (Silhouette School) book!!!

  11. Carl Smith
    Carl Smith says:

    Great VDO, now i have to decide weather I buy the Silhouette or Cricut. This VDO has pointed me in the right direction.

  12. Donna
    Donna says:

    Lorrie, do you have a video comparing the Silhouette Cameo II to the Cricut Explore? What were the deciding factors in your choice of Cricut Explore? Thank you for your video. The dog was okay. I have a yappy dog that barks at the wind. I think children and pets are part of our everyday life. That said, even I am sometimes bothered by extraneous noise.

  13. Donna
    Donna says:

    Lorrie, may I ask one more question? If you want to do an indoor clear "cling" decal such as a stained glass decal, is that something that can be done on one of our machines or do they really need to be made professionally?

  14. jsbrats
    jsbrats says:

    Lorrie I loved your video, Are you using the Silhouette Designers Edition.  Have not purchased Silhouette yet just checking on different Youtube videos and yours is fantastic.  This is just what I want to do with a cutter.  Use some internet designs.

  15. czintx
    czintx says:

    I am so happy I came across this video! I have been wanting to make some acrylic tumbers for my daughter’s birthday party coming up but I’m so scared. I am still so new to my silhouette I don’t want to ruin anything. This video was pretty simple to follow and hope to follow your steps to try it out. Thank you.

  16. Martha Anderson
    Martha Anderson says:

    Thank you so much for this tutorial. Now how to transfer it ;-). I like that you explained the high filter and thresh hold(???). I’m a newbie 8-/. I did learn though so thank you so much. Now to get the courage to try it 😉

  17. Stone Fetish
    Stone Fetish says:

    I have a question regarding the color…when I print this will I do 2 separate prints one with purple vinyl and one with the gold?


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