GRAPHIC DESIGN MAJOR & CAREER | Life as a Graphic Designer!

GRAPHIC DESIGN MAJOR & CAREER | Life as a Graphic Designer!

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50 replies
  1. Amber Londt
    Amber Londt says:

    Ive got a year and a bit left of high school and by mid next year i need to have applied to universities and colleges and i have no clue what i want to do. I have a idea of taking something along the lines of art, as i am currently at a art school doing jewellery design and making. Ive been to one or two university open days and graphic design has always stood out to me but i wasnt sure whether or not its the facility for me, im also quite worried that i wouldn’t good enough or that i flat out will not be accepted into university. In other words i was and still am on the fence regarding whether or not i should apply for graphic design.

    This video made it a little bit easier for me to get a idea of what i want to do once i matriculate next year. Thank you so much!

  2. DeSigns By Frank
    DeSigns By Frank says:

    i love this video.. thanks for sharing. i am in school, pursuing my degree in Graphic Design.. i have been drawing since i’ve been 5 yrs old. i love this program and can’t wait until i am done. i am thinking of working with a company first, then perhaps go Freelance after.. Again, thank you!! 🙂

  3. how tf you suck dick on accident
    how tf you suck dick on accident says:

    I’ve always been artistic and good at drawing, I just don’t have the passion to improve my skills. So after starting my digital media class this year (senior in high school) I fell in love with photoshop. I can already create cool things on my phone but ps of course just expands my horizons. I can’t wait to graduate next year and start taking classes to become a graphic designer.

  4. Lerato Hlatshwayo
    Lerato Hlatshwayo says:

    Not sure if you will see this comment since this video was posted a year ago but can you maybe do a tutorial of how you go about working on the presentation templates…it’s currently what I do at work but Im not a graphic designer AT ALL – our templates were just really outdated haha, it would be of great help.
    Thanks, L 🙂

  5. Frankie Aguilar
    Frankie Aguilar says:

    Would you or anyone else in the comments recommend graphics design for someone who prefers studio art with an emphasis in drawing and painting?
    I’m currently doing mechanical engineering but I’m an artist by heart. Yeah I know I’ll be sacrificing great pay by leaving engie, but it is just not my passion. There is an option to do industrial design if I stick to engineering but I don’t want to be limited to designing some of the same products over and over again. I have an appointment with an advisor to change my major but I just don’t know which field of art to do (1: studio art:drawing and painting or 2: graphics/communication design). Any advice would help, thank you guys.

  6. Hamalya Comeau
    Hamalya Comeau says:

    They are probably Spanish People 😂( no offense) I’ve work with them a couple of time and they usually separate themselves from every one else

  7. Stressed Papaya
    Stressed Papaya says:

    So I’m taking graphic design & illustration classes in high school and tbh I’m really scared and not sure if I want to pursue that because everyone tells me “oh there are many people with skills and they don’t get recognized so you probably won’t either” or “you’re gonna be living on the streets because it doesn’t pay well” I love it though and I’ll probably continue graphic design for now but do jobs pay well? I know it depends on where you work but what’s the average pay? And are there any good programs aside from photoshop that I can use to practice or complete my assignments (from my graphic design class)?

  8. The Life of Naomi
    The Life of Naomi says:

    I found it interesting when you talked about how you course work went. I started learning illustrator when I went to my first class, and i started to learn the different aspects of other programs right away in my classes.

  9. Yong Seon Lee
    Yong Seon Lee says:

    We all know it’s difficult to pursue what we love doing full-time, because of our concerns to making a living. Thanks to a platform like we can be empowered to take up what we love doing as a full-time job and career. Check out to collaborate with creatives, find or launch exciting projects and work opportunities, and continue learning from fellow talents. It’s the latest and newest platform, and all free. Check it out and don’t miss out.

  10. bb kyul
    bb kyul says:

    I have a bad experience with uni, going 2 years for graphic design and having the worst professors. I ended up hating any graphic design related thing. I was in a really bad place because my soul knew that it was what I wanted to do. My passion! So thanks to your vid, I’m rethinking about going again to a different uni and see what happens. I know I have the talent and the passion, I just have to put the effort of going and taking critism even if it’s not even constructive. Thank u!

  11. Nebula VXII
    Nebula VXII says:

    I feel like I should do this stuff. I always went out of my way to find things for graphic design and didn’t even realize it. I found free online things like pixlr and then I downloaded blender 3d because it was free and I could make intros for YouTube or other things. Last year was my senior year and I took a graphic design class and got my hands on Adobe stuff, I was doing better than most the people in that class that had been taking it for 2 or 3 years! I think I should really go for it.

  12. PeperMìntê YT
    PeperMìntê YT says:

    Hello! This video helped me a lot with my expectations for graphic design when I head to college. Although I’m only 12 years old….I’m going into so consideration to do graphic design! This helped me a lot! Thanks so much <3

  13. Aaliyah Abisamra
    Aaliyah Abisamra says:

    Hello! Can I please ask you how did you learn designing such as graphic designing, UX and UI and also editing videos. Did you take any course? I’m really interested in learning. If you can provide good recommendations and how to get started I would appreciate a lot. My uni (first year student) doesn’t provide these majors that’s why I couldn’t take. But I’m deeply interested. Please if you could help. Thank you!

  14. Giana Zandi
    Giana Zandi says:

    Graphic design seems like my best bet at being in an artistic field as well as having a steady income, but one issue I have is creativity. Which I know is a huge part of being a graphic designer. Can creativity be learned and improved once I go to college? Or is it more like a personality trait that some people have and some people don’t.

  15. Christina Gomez
    Christina Gomez says:

    One of my friends said she saw me as a graphic designer in the future but i also wanna work on other subject’s. I also subscribed💜

  16. Jose Garcia
    Jose Garcia says:

    Anybody that wants to get into graphic designing can be replaced. I rather do something that no body can replace me. Somethings can’t be replaced. Like music or great art.

  17. Bailey Ludt
    Bailey Ludt says:

    Wow loved this video!!! Your set up is so pretty!! I’m a student at the University of Kentucky and I’m minoring in what we call ‘Digital Media Design’ which is pretty much graphic design!! I looooove it!!! It’s so amazing but it’s also sooo tedious!!! I get so frustrated so easily but when you finally finish a project it’s so satisfying!! I love photoshop, illustrator, dream weaver and everything else adobe cloud! It is SO HARD, but so worth it

  18. Ericka Mac Díaz
    Ericka Mac Díaz says:

    any tutorial for learning to draw?? for beginners, maybe? can you recommend me, please? I like design but i draw too, but the basic drawing. Any advice for me?? I like this video, thanks for the information

  19. Whosoever Press
    Whosoever Press says:

    Hello, We’re looking to hire hundreds of Graphic Designers to work for our company Make money from the comfort of your own home. If anyone is interested, we pay daily. Call 256-706-3315.

  20. Harneet Kamboj
    Harneet Kamboj says:

    Hi Jasmine, I’m interested in going into graphic design at VCAD and it’s a diploma program. I’ve always loved art and I feel this will be a good career in the art industry which is also financially stable. Should I go for it? Or is it better to complete a bachelor’s degree in graphic design?

  21. Hiro
    Hiro says:

    Hey I know im on an older video but will doing 2 years in a community college slow the process for graphic design? Thanks to anyone that helps!

  22. Nico Love Live!
    Nico Love Live! says:

    Hi 🙂 I recently graduated and got my Bachelors Degree in Graphics Design. I agree with you on "if it is something you want to do" the students at my campus were like that too and some of them weren’t that good and I’m like "you’re just wasting your money." Now I’m just looking for a job in my field and being in Michigan doesn’t help it much.

    Edit: I went to the Art Institute as well xD

  23. Nina Marie
    Nina Marie says:

    Thank you so much! This video was so informative from your personal experience, great stuff! I have a question about how to qualify to be hired as a graphic designer.. so I have a bachelors of science in fashion merchandising and a dual minor of business administration and marketing and I am realizing all I want to do is the graphic design end of marketing. Do you think I need to go back to school for graphic design to qualify or do you think since I have a degree I could be hirable if I self taught myself and create a professional portfolio? I feel like it could go either way but I know that I am very under-qualified at this point. I am a recent college grad with little experience in the marketing field in general so I am trying to figure out which way to go from here. Again thank you so much for this video and thank you in advance for considering my question!
    Much love sis!

  24. AesInk
    AesInk says:

    Hm. I wanted to learn about it but I want to start my own store. I guess my dreams are impossible because I have to wrap my time around other people’s time.


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