From The Crown Range [Anaglyph]

From the Crown Range [Anaglyph]
A view towards Queenstown, which is a major tourist and skiing resort in New Zealand. The international airport runway can be seen in the distance. The valley is famous for showing geological formations caused by glaciation in the ice-age.
By kiwizone on 2013-02-04 17:26:07

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  1. Marc Shandro
    Marc Shandro says:

    Very cool! And thanks for all the great information on your website! I learned a lot from it and have branched out and started making my own 3D images.

  2. kiwizone
    kiwizone says:


    The full colour version is a large stereo pair which can be seen in a 3D TV or computer. Because there is no red in the picture, the anaglyph can provide an adequate stereoscopic view and even allow some panning around the scenery in stereo, so the stereo pair is not so vital in this case.

  3. kiwizone
    kiwizone says:

    That is the aim of the web site! I tried to close the tripod site as I could no longer afford it, but they refused and kept it running in a devastated form with advertisements. S. Rathinagiri came to the rescue and the authorised version is here:


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