FLYING Through Portal PHOTO MANIPULATION Photoshop Tutorial

FLYING Through Portal PHOTO MANIPULATION Photoshop Tutorial

Learn all about layers, blend modes, masking, and so much more in this detailed After Effects tutorial!
We’ll transform a street photo into a complex composition photo manipulation by creating a glowing shape and compositing in a human who is flying through that portal into our city street.

🧠 This tutorial was inspired by:

Stock photo used in this tutorial: (it looks like they took the free stock photo down! 😩)











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50 replies
  1. Sytze van Veen
    Sytze van Veen says:

    love the turorial, but shouldnt there be a little more of a reflection in the water. I don’t know for sure, but thought the tutorial was very helpful.

  2. LOuCiF ProD
    LOuCiF ProD says:

    just wanted to say that i appreciate your great work because of u i’ve learned alot about photoshoping! btw where are u from???

  3. Vasko Cvetanov
    Vasko Cvetanov says:

    Kudos to everything you do. Good channel, great videos – obviously you know PS like the back of your hand. However, is it just me or is there someone else out there who wants to throw up when you use hex codes to choose a color??? Seriously, being creative and understanding photoshop is one thing … but come on … the hex colors …
    I understand you use notes for your recordings, so you picked the color beforehand … but that doesn’t mean you have to quote the exact hex code every bloody time… how about "I’ll pick a buttery yellow" or "baby pink" … nothing wrong in saying that every now and then 🙂

  4. Stephano Rossi
    Stephano Rossi says:

    I don’t found any brush dust what you use it, pls put the link with a brushes for download, you just make tutorial, but in descrption almost nothing its for to help

  5. Sven Stalder
    Sven Stalder says:

    I really like your videos. But I have a suggestion to make: You have a really whide range of knowledge about the adobeprogramms…but you talk extremly fast in my opinion. My mother tongue isn‘t english so I would really appreciate it, if you would talk a bit slower. Like that also other people from other countrys will better understand your videos and it will be also easier to „copy“ you or try to make the same thing while playing the video😊 I hope you understood my message and my english wasn‘t too confusing😬

  6. pjdaprinz
    pjdaprinz says:

    Awesome tutorial. Would have been cool to add a light reflection of the model on the wet ground, in front of the portal only.


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