FIRST YEAR ART SCHOOL // Animation Projects at RMIT

FIRST YEAR ART SCHOOL // Animation Projects at RMIT

I’m currently studying an Animation Degree at RMIT University. I thought it would be nice to share what I do at art school and a few of my assignments from first year.


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  1. Kxngkai Art
    Kxngkai Art says:

    This sounds amazing. I currently want to learn animation but i live in the caribbean and on my island there’s only one animator and i want to animator soo bad, but then I’m 17!!!! And not owning the right equipments is hard

  2. Ambo Vanbo
    Ambo Vanbo says:

    Thanks for sharing your process. I love that. The 2D animation worked really well. Loved the ending. All the best to you!

  3. Christian Rivas
    Christian Rivas says:

    For someone who is independently just starting to learn art (I’m really beginner ) senior year though I want to pursue animation is it recommended I don’t want to fall behind and I’m really passionate about art though it is my senior year and I would only have one year of experience

  4. Ddd Ddd
    Ddd Ddd says:

    you are so lucky and awsome! I wish there was animation endustry in my country.But let alone animation there isnt even any school for animation

  5. Ess Jaye
    Ess Jaye says:

    So awesome!! I’d love to study illustration at RMIT. I studied fine art at Massey university in New Zealand, loved it and I miss it so much, wish I could go back to study if I could afford to lol 🙂

  6. Cosmos 101
    Cosmos 101 says:

    Since u went to an art school for animation. Did u have to know how to draw and the only think they teach u is to how to use your art in digital ?

  7. Indíe
    Indíe says:

    I love your videos and it makes me so happy you’re Aussie because I am too! It makes me proud that someone as talented as you “belongs” to our country 🙂

  8. Dawson Walker INTJ
    Dawson Walker INTJ says:

    ‘we got out first taste on 3d animation’ when speaking of jellybeans😂🤣🤣 we see what you did there. Lol

  9. HappyGilbert
    HappyGilbert says:

    Damn bro….you’re good! Not bad for you’re first year! My son is 8 and we are using you’re beginner vid to learn how to paint with watercolours. Thanks and all the best with the future….I reckon you will do some amazing things.

  10. ellmovy
    ellmovy says:

    would you ever do a video of the portfolio you used to apply to RMIT? i haven’t seen any of them anywhere on the internet and I thought it would be very interesting & useful as I plan to apply later this year

  11. Zachariah Abraham
    Zachariah Abraham says:

    Curious, how did you manage to create the light (on the shoes, hood, etc…). I’m really interested in applying a similar technique in my work. Work looks great by the way.

  12. Felicia Susanto
    Felicia Susanto says:

    Can i know where is your university at? At what country and address. Im looking for university now, well.. please notice my comment TT

  13. Andy Rodríguez
    Andy Rodríguez says:

    Man, your digital work is so beutiful, cant you do a photoshop tutorial or the likes of it? I dunno, maybe you use Ai combined…

  14. Len11999
    Len11999 says:

    I wish I could do animation my first year, but my school has a foundation year where you don’t get to do anything you like.

  15. Yutian Cai
    Yutian Cai says:

    I am animation student and this semester I saw your 2D food loop animation! (I am first year student) Very nice! Love it!

  16. Yoya Diaz
    Yoya Diaz says:

    My son is interested in art/animation to be able to make animated movies. Not sure what degree would work for this. What do you suggest since you have been in school for a while ? Thank you soooo much. He graduated high school this year.


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