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Video editing best practice

An adage said that to make a good video editing is to ensure that the viewer does not notice anything. Not to feel especially the camera movements and parasitic noise .For this, we must work hard on the video editing so that all these details does not appear

Choose the shooting stability

So that video can be mounted in the best conditions, it is necessary that the shooting also run in the best conditions. For this, we must ensure that the camera is as stable as possible during the shooting to provide proper background. Thus, we must have tools like a tripod, dolly or stead cam in order to have the expected results. Also, do not be limited when it comes to capacity storage, because we cannot talk about wasting the film. Besides, this gives you greater flexibility on editing.


The sound is a determining factor in mounting a video. In this sense, it is not advisable installing a micro mat on the camera, as this can seriously affect the quality of rendering. Besides, if it happens that the sound is totally missed in your video editing, YouTube users will not even bother to look at it and very easily will zap it for the sake of a cat that sings or any other funny videos found on the internet. Thus, it is necessary to choose the right audio material or to rent if you do not have the necessary budget. If there is an interview, a simple lapel microphone might suffice.

Have a  good post production software

This is no doubt the most important when making a video mounting. Indeed, the software help to ensure that the video is as fluid as possible and this necessarily requires the management of its fittings. In this sense, if a connection line with a music, the viewer will see any difference. Moreover, there are several connections on the editing software, but use them with prudence as well as the effects because they can disturb the flow of images and thus be noticed.

During post-production work, you can also use tools like Warp Stabilizer to stabilize shaky shots slightly.

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