Dingo Free Instagram Pack Template 1 of 5 – Photoshop

Dingo Free Instagram Pack Template 1 of 5 – Photoshop

Hi, my name is Alex and in today’s video, I want to show you a new template that I’m working on. This is part 1 of 5 designs that will be included in this social media pack.

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The download link will be posted after all the work is complete, and will be free to download.

I am also working on 2 more free templates and I will keep you posted. These videos will be much shorter – more of a speed art. Please watch my 1st design on the fashion template pack. You will find the link down below.

My goal is to bring value to both graphic designers and business owners. In the future, I will add more tips and tricks on how to be a successful freelancer, how to hire freelancers, what tools to use, mockups, templates, how to grow a following on Instagram and much more.

I am currently building design and social media management team and I also will try to share more useful information in this area.

For all of those who are trying to grow a business through social media, the importance of a social media strategy and content creation plan is vital.

Instagram is the main focus right now and it’s totally based on visual. You can pay as many ads as you want but the results will be disappointing if you don’t use the right designs to represent you or your brand.

It’s for the best to have a strategy in place or at least a social media branding design as soon as you start or to reshape it as you go. Your e-books, services, products and so on will be less visible without a similar overall look across platforms.

This pack that I’m creating right now will keep a style consistency and hopefully will inspire you to be more thoughtful when you post something and how the person who’s looking, perceives you.

Also, the design should look good, this is not the only aspect you should be aiming. The design should be in accordance with your micro and macro objectives. Not all of your post will be about selling, maybe you want to increase engagement, reach new people and so on.

I will make a new post on 3 different themes that I’m creating for Instagram Social Media Pack up to 5 until I’ll release the download link.

I will try to focus on what’s on demand on Instagram for the personal or professional domain so I’ll try to include posts that showcase products, services or portfolio with my graphic designs skills.

Your comments will help me understand what it is that you are searching for. I will make more videos on how to create Instagram posts and stories on different themes in 2018 but please let me know what are your interests.


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