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UI/UX Design with Jill Rosenberg – 1 of 3

UI/UX Design with Jill Rosenberg – 1 of 3

Join Graphic Designer Jill Rosenberg on Adobe Live as she designs and prototypes a web experience using Adobe XD! This week Jill will focus on a personal project, revamping the Kingdom Hearts website! Stay tuned to learn how Jill identifies and solves design problems.

Jill is a Graphic Designer based in Boston, Massachusetts.


Join us LIVE on Behance: https://www.behance.net/live

Behance: https://www.behance.net/rosenbergj755a
Website: http://www.jillrosenberg.design

Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie

Photoshop World Promo Movie (from 2005)

Photoshop World Promo Movie (from 2005)

This is a short clip with scenes from the Photoshop World Conference & Expo (this particular clip was produced for the 2005 Boston event, but it gives you a great idea of what the conference is like)

How to add trim / crop marks in Adobe illustrator, 2 up | DIY Wedding Invitations, graphic design

How to add trim / crop marks in Adobe illustrator, 2 up | DIY Wedding Invitations, graphic design

Do it Yourself Invitation Tutorial
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Add trim marks in Photoshop → https://youtu.be/1BB_30T-u2M
Add trim marks in MS Word → Coming Soon!

This video is for inspiration only and to show you techniques involved in creating your own professional looking DIY stationery.


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Residency Training, Long Hours, and the Effects on Patient Outcomes

Residency Training, Long Hours, and the Effects on Patient Outcomes

When one of Aaron’s best friends in medical school returned from an interview for a surgical residency program, he told him how some of the surgeons there bragged that they were worked so hard that the divorce rate among their trainees was greater than 100 percent – some of them burned through two marriages.

They were proud of this. Aaron was horrified.

He doubts this statistic was true, even 20 years ago, and he’s even surer it’s not true now. But it points to an important truth: Some physicians equate “suffering” with “commitment” and believe that a residency should be grueling and difficult.

The limits on how we train residents, and what new studies say about it is the topic of this week’s Healthcare Triage.

Those of you who want to read more can go here: http://theincidentaleconomist.com/wordpress/?p=70030

John Green — Executive Producer
Stan Muller — Director, Producer
Aaron Carroll — Writer
Mark Olsen — Graphics

And the housekeeping:

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Phoenix marketing firm using SEO to generate leads 602-327-1919

Phoenix marketing firm using SEO to generate leads 602-327-1919

Redline Phoenix marketing firm says http://www.redlinemarketingco.com/ If your not using the internet marketing to market your company this may be the most important video you will ever watch! Social media marketing is the new word of mouth advertising. If your company is not marketing on the internet you will not get found. Phoenix web design is best if left to professionals, you get what you pay for. Search engine marketing is very important. and time consuming. People research on line before they make a purchase. And if your not on line they will not find you. Redline Marketing is a Phoenix web marketing firm that has been in business for over 16 years. Watch the video here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IQ3-4Q4Hw5Q and make sure you fill out the opt in form on the site for future tips and updates. We are located in Phoenix, Scottsdale and Chandler, Arizona

InDesign-Tutorial: Präsentationsmappe mit Relieflack gestalten – Teil 1

InDesign-Tutorial: Präsentationsmappe mit Relieflack gestalten – Teil 1

Wir gestalten in diesem Tutorial eine ansprechende Präsentationsmappe für ein fiktives Immobilienunternehmen – edel, schlicht und hochwertig zugleich, veredelt mit einer Relieflackierung. Das Design überzeugt mit der Corporate Color Grasgrün in Kombination mit der Farbe Weiß, einem modernen, serifenlosen Font und Schwarz-Weiß-Bildern, die sich durch die Anpassung von Schärfe bzw. Weichzeichnung und Deckkraft toll ins Design einpassen.

01:03 – Farbe als Markenbotschafter
04:00 – Druckparameter der DIN-A4-Mappe, 4/4-farbig
05:00 – InDesign-Vorlage herunterladen
05:25 – Datenblatt sichten
06:06 – Zur Gestaltungsidee der Außenseiten
07:36 – Über die Veredelung mit Relieflack
09:22 – Zur Gestaltungsidee der Innenseiten
10:14 – Öffnen des InDesign-Dokuments, Sichten der Stanzkontur, Legen neuer Hilfslinien
11:25 – Gestaltung der Titelseite
16:23 – Gestaltung der Rückseite
26:23 – Gestaltung der Mappenflügel bzw. Mappenlaschen

Dieses Tutorial ist in Zusammenarbeit mit PSD-Tutorials.de entstanden. Es gestaltet und spricht der Grafik-Designer Stefan Riedl.
Bildquellen: Fotolia_75565462 © Frank Boston, Fotolia_67501472 © XtravaganT, Fotolia_54128924 © Gina Sanders.

Boston Energy Model

Boston Energy Model

The Sustainable Design Lab at MIT has developed a city wide building energy model for Boston, working in collaboration with the Boston Redevelopment Authority and MIT Lincoln Laboratory with funding from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

You can learn more about this project at the Sustainable Design website (www.web.mit.edu/sustainabledesignlab/projects/BostonEnergyModel).

3 Months Without ANY Social Media… What Did I Learn?!

3 Months Without ANY Social Media… What Did I Learn?!

I just had the ultimate social media challenge: 3 months without any Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, you name it… And I can say, life without social media.. was interesting!

The pros and cons of social media have been experientially weighed, and in this video I share what it was like to go off the grid.. at least, off the social media grid!


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