Boston Video SEO Company Next Google AdSense?

Boston Video SEO Company Next Google AdSense?

White label video SEO service EveryZing is working to reinvent video advertising the same way Google AdSense reinvented text advertising, CEO Tom Wilde told Beet.TV.

“If you look at Google AdSense really reinvented text advertising and the contextualization of text. The same opportunity exists in video and that’s sort of where we’re moving next,” he says. “In helping our customers better characterize the content into categories they can monetize, and better target ads to the content at the moment of a user’s consumption of it.”

Everyzings newest product, the MetaPlayer, allows customers like and the Dallas Cowboys to search within a video and create custom clips.

Wilde said that when EveryZing started two years ago, the first step was to help customers get their video consumed, since “you don’t have an advertising business if you don’t have consumption.” He goes into detail in the segment about how Everyzing has approached the next steps, monetization and ad targeting.

–Kelsey Blodget, Associate Producer

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  1. Jim Smith
    Jim Smith says:

    i am trying to start a web video advertising production service. Starting with targeting businesses in the UK. Please PM me if you want to team up because I need a business partner.


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