3Ds Max Tutorial – 6 – Advanced selections

3Ds Max Tutorial – 6 – Advanced selections

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  1. zHDxMyNcrafterZz
    zHDxMyNcrafterZz says:

    By the way everyone, on 3DS Max 2014, the isolate selection button is on the bottom bar next to the lock selection tool 😀

  2. kobo
    kobo says:

    Most people would wait until after they know how to use a thousand dollar product before buying it, so it only makes sense most people here would try the student version first. You don’t just waste money like that before you even know if it’s the right program for you.

  3. ShoA
    ShoA says:

    little by little, im getting to know each buttons and getting used to it,  unlike the first time i used it, i was so confuse about which or where etc.

  4. melissa neal
    melissa neal says:

    Bucky Rocks! I have used many of his tutorials while I was pursuing my degree….Thanks for all of your hard work! It sure has helped me throughout the years..

  5. Cornelious Stradivarius
    Cornelious Stradivarius says:

    For some reason now it’s attaching the bendy ends to the bottom of the cylinders. was fine last time i did it

    EDIT: Ok figured out why it was doing that. It was attaching the hose ends to the start of the cylinder. i.e. the plane where you first clicked to create the cylinders (if that makes any sense). When creating the first 2 cylinders I created them downwards (going under the horizontal plane) rather than upwards.

    Still begs the question why it was doing it fine before and now it’s changed. Didn’t change any settings

  6. Siba Khasawneh
    Siba Khasawneh says:

    Hello! I wanted to ask, When I press H to get the select by name window, it shows empty without any names of objects in it! I was wondering why ??

  7. Trez Cast
    Trez Cast says:

    oh man, I find an amazing tutorial playlist, and after the 5th video I wonder who it is. I should’ve known!! thenewboston dominates all!

  8. synthbent715
    synthbent715 says:

    I’m pretty well versed in AutoCAD and Inventor but I’m trying to learn 3ds just for fun and your tutorials are making it easy to understand.  I just made the most awesome bendy straw, thanks man!

  9. john coe
    john coe says:

    i wished i knew to make a tube/straw for this one would of been nice so do as u do like the others but still great tutorial

  10. Word Centered Productions
    Word Centered Productions says:

    Thanks so much for the simple and easy-to-follow instructions. I got a 1200 page book with a CD that I was struggling with.

  11. Janneke Rutten
    Janneke Rutten says:

    When I push ‘A’ I don’t get the select from scene box. It mark a button with a magnet and an arrow on it. Are there any other ways to get this select from scene box? 
    That’s the only question so far. Otherwise it is very clear and fun to follow your instructions:) Thanks! 


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