3D in CSGO gives you wallhacks

3D in CSGO gives you wallhacks

3D in CS:GO gives you wallhack, some other small advantages and a whole lot of disadvantages. In short, if you toggle between 2D and 3D then you get the best of both worlds.

0:00 – Why this video is worth watching
0:36 – 3D Vision / equipment
1:00 – Checking corners: 2D VS 3D
1:34 – Pop-up: potential wallhack
2:10 – Aiming in 3D
3:17 – What am I doing with my life
3:40 – Frame-rate and refresh-rate
4:06 – Peeker’s advantage (3D @ 120 Hz but it also applies to 144 Hz)
4:49 – What 3D is good at

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50 replies
  1. Slash0mega
    Slash0mega says:

    when you brought up the side by side i though "wow, this would be great to watch on my 3ds"
    and i did, and with all the text and swapping in and out of side by side mode, my eyes now hurt….

  2. poptown_34
    poptown_34 says:

    If you want to see the video in 3d shrink your viewing window and naturaly let your eyes cross so that the left and right image overlap

  3. Blitz z
    Blitz z says:

    Kanye West went home to his Kanye Nest, Getting his Kanye Rest. Waking up, he felt his Kanye Best. He brushed his teeth with some Kanye Crest. He began to get Kanye Dressed in his Kanye Vest, to go on a Kanye Quest to KanyeFest.

  4. Mild
    Mild says:

    I don’t know how this relates to literally anything but you can experience artificial 3D with the side by side footage in the video by crossing your eyes just right.

  5. ivasa vaske da game
    ivasa vaske da game says:

    That moment when 3kliksphilips says *"massive advantage"*
    Me: *preparing for scientific documentary about 3 pixel advantage*

  6. FieldSweeper
    FieldSweeper says:

    How would you prevent being banned in overwatch for this? if you can see someone, like that and the viewers of your overwatch cant it will seem odd that you decided to look in that direction (multiple time a game) (the ow viewer can see them thru walls but cannot see what YOU see) I think there needs to be a notifyer saying this person has 3D enabled etc.

    although i could argue this would be considered external assistance since you are using external aspects to allow 3d to happen. to mayube the ban would be justifiable?


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