Learn how to make Light Leaks Effects thanks to an After Effects course

By following a training in video editing, you quickly realize that it does not take much for an ordinary video to become a sensational one. To do this, simply add a few effects such as light leaks. Light Leaks are colorful shapes, bright halos that can appear on the image depending on the capture angle. Most of them give a very aesthetic effect that is the result of an unwanted light entrance. However, it is possible to create it artificially. Here is how:

Light leaks for transitions

In your videos, in order to manage the transitions, it is possible that you are currently using very short flashes in your continuity shots. However, light leaks are excellent alternatives for a perfect transition. The light leaks are used to make a more natural and certainly less mechanical transition in your videos. To do this, simply make a mark on your light leak to where it is most brilliant and it covers the entire screen. The slow light leaks are very significant effects for video projects that have some fairy dimension like wedding videos, Christmas events, etc. Fast light leaks are very suitable effects for dynamic video projects such as sports events, music videos, etc.

Light leaks for shots compositing

To set or change the style of your videos, you can choose to add light leaks over your shots. This will give them a more professional and worked appearance. For your video projects, this can have a real Instagram effect. You will then use them to simulate an ambient light source in order to give a special warmth to the shots. Workshops and courses in video editing at JFL Media teach you to be consistent especially during this task.

Light leaks to make a mask

With different shapes generated by the light leaks, it is possible to create a mask. Indeed, it is possible to ensure that the specific effects “follow” the light leak movements that you added to your project. The goal will be to use a leak of light to create a mask (fuzzy, colored or other effect).

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