28 Amazing Photoshop CC Tips, Tricks, & Hacks

28 Amazing Photoshop CC Tips, Tricks, & Hacks

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0:38 – Whiten Teeth
1:23 – Merge all Layers to New Layer
1:50 – Rotate View Tool
2:49 – Change Layer Opacity Hotkey
3:57 – Choosing Layers Hotkey
4:11 – Move Layers Hotkey
4:35 – Change Units of Measure
5:07 – Add More Undo Steps
5:53 – Apply Pattern Along Path
6:55 – Create Filled Layer Mask
7:21 – Instantly Find Center of Document
7:48 – Quickly Change Color of Anything
8:35 – How to Paint a Selection
10:00 – Black & White w/ Channel Mixer
11:03 – Filling Text or Shape Layers
12:03 – Scale Layer Styles
12:57 – Precise Painting w/ Brush Tool
13:26 – Duplicate Anything
13:53 – Before/After Preview Hotkey
14:30 – Straighten a PSD Two Different Ways
15:08 – Bird’s Eye View
15:25 – Clipping Mask Power
16:28 – Instagram/VSCO Fade Effect
17:06 – Hacking Selection Creation
17:25 – The Fastest Retro Effect
17:55 – Extract Assets for the Web
19:07 – Multiple Layer Styles
20:13 – Photoshop UI Easter Egg



In this video I’ll cover 28 great features, tricks, hacks, and more of Adobe Photoshop CC 2015; some simple, some difficult, some well known, some are more like Easter eggs. If you want to learn about multiple layer styles, layer mask tricks, whitening teeth, black and white photos, precision with the Brush tool, and a bunch more, this is the tutorial for you!

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  1. Ashish Studios
    Ashish Studios says:

    LOved the Video and BOOM! commenting here.

    OMG! dude . secrets reviled .(Pun intended)
    lovely vid, nice to see there are selfless ppl like your self. welcome to the club .

  2. MrFreeman1776
    MrFreeman1776 says:

    Hey Tutvideo, could you talk a little fastar??? I missed 90% of your fast talking car salesman type of "tutorial" and was hoping to miss 100%….can you help?

  3. CASA Films
    CASA Films says:

    I gave up watching halfway through… none of these are new for CC. I’ve been using these for years. Maybe change the title?

  4. Dimitri Dehouck
    Dimitri Dehouck says:

    I just hate commenting on video’s but your video’s are just amazing value! Loooooove them! You are by far the best photoshop tutor! Thank you so much for making these!

  5. Charles Reilly
    Charles Reilly says:

    Try this photoshop tip…Try Affinity Photo… Won best MAC app..1 payment…does all photoshop does for 1 simple low payment…

  6. Melinda Burns
    Melinda Burns says:

    Amazing tips. I added this video to one of my playlists I have especially for Photoshop to watch for later over and over again because I know I’m going to need these tips for many different projects in the future. Please keep making videos just like this. It is very useful and very good quality content as well. Please keep at it.


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