Monday Movie #34: 3dsMax Backgrounds Tutorial

| | In this Monday Movie I’ll be providing a brief tutorial on how to use backgrounds in 3dsMax. We’ll go over the basics of displaying the background image in the viewport, as well as how you can explore this under-appreciated feature.

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  1. David Hamilton-Grey
    David Hamilton-Grey dit :

    hi, with regards to the backgrounds, is there a way of making the spherical environment track with the rotation of an object in the centre of a scene. so if i rotated something in the middle the background would rotate also relative to it..

  2. Chal0099
    Chal0099 dit :

    I learned something from your video, but, could you tell me where to find Lightprobe spherical images like that of a planetarium?

  3. QuakeFX
    QuakeFX dit :

    This is what I did:
    I took a photo of where I wanted to place the object and then took 9 photos in the other direction and made a 180 degree panorama out of it. Right now I want the first photo to appear as a background in the viewport/render, and I want my chrome sphere to reflect the panorama. How do I do this?

  4. Adam Norman
    Adam Norman dit :

    thanks for the awesome tut man. i am taking my first course in 3ds max at school and the project is to model an object. i didnt like doing something so simple so i modeled four spaceships and three planets and am having the ships fly around and fight each other. it looks kind of bland with the background i have though. how would i go about getting a solarsystem lightprobe?

  5. 1lastrun
    1lastrun dit :

    hey question for ya, Every time i press F9 the volume for my computer comes up. Is there another way to render last other than this. Or maybe turn my computer volume off the key.

  6. Paulo Massarde
    Paulo Massarde dit :

    firstly many tks for the wonderful tutorial people like you make the world better.

    i did you tutorial and just worked amazing the only problem is, when i add lights in the view perspective is ok ,the background and the object look amazing, however when i render, the background still ok but the object is just something black can you help me ?

  7. Vliegende Mijmering
    Vliegende Mijmering dit :

    why is not environment moving when making animations? this happens when i render an scene of an airplane landing. the camera is moving and the background stays still pls help

  8. Pioneer Kaps
    Pioneer Kaps dit :

    Can Anyone Help me regarding this :- How to fully Turn of Reflection so that we could just see the Model Properly and not any kind of reflection??
    Please Help…

  9. juanfjimenez9
    juanfjimenez9 dit :

    how do i can make enviroments with 3d idea like for an scene, or a game it sky or enviroment moves its better, and if i can make the light come from the enviroment sun you solve all my problems

  10. UA C
    UA C dit :

    What to do if i want use not HDRI background? My object have reflection so it look like glass someone can help? What to do in this case?

  11. Lucas Bevilacqua
    Lucas Bevilacqua dit :

    You say that you will teach how to fix the teapot reflection, but you dont….
    How can I use the SCREEN background (flat) and turn the reflection prob off ???


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