How to Place or Import Multiple PDF Files into Indesign

In this video I want to walk you through how to import multiple PDF files into Indesign. This is a simple task that can be done with a click of a button.
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Have you ever wanted to place multiple pdf files in your Indesign document, but it only let’s you place the first page? Well I thought for the longest time that Indesign only let you place that one file, but I recently found a very simple check box that allows you to place more than one page from a pdf at a time in your Indesign document.

You can follow the simple steps to placing multiple pdf pages in Indesign below or watch the video above. Hope this helps you out in your journey to become a better graphic designer.

So, how do I import multiple PDF files into Indesign?

1. Open Indesign and click on « file » in upper left corner
2. Click « place »
3. Select PDF
**Make sure « Show Import Options » is CHECKED!
and then click « Open »
4. Select « All »
5. Click « OK »
6. Bring in your PDF pages

I hope this video has helped you. Send me comments, and I will be happy to respond!

Thanks for tuning into this episode!

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