How to import LUTs into Lumetri Colour on a Mac – Adobe Premier Pro

Want to put your own LUT’s into Adobe Premiere Pro’s Lumetri colour correction? Let me show you how…

Tested in Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015.3

Music: Stale Mate by Jingle Punks.

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  1. IBrahim Basha NuruleZ
    IBrahim Basha NuruleZ says:

    Hey bro , I have a question, I didn’t find the filter that you used in the video ( Lagoon ) , where I can find it or download it?

  2. Gcj Boo
    Gcj Boo says:

    my lumetri option doesn’t work 🙁 can you please help me? i find lumerti in my effects but when i try to use it whereas an option that says "setup " and the folder lumetri does nothing , can use my lumetri option whats can possibly going wrong?

  3. Estúdio 21
    Estúdio 21 says:

    Hello !!! Unfortunatly can’t add them to the Creative folder. Premiere doesn’t load them.

    They’re recognized on Technical folder, but it is a shame cause i can see them on the preview, or use the intensity slider for dry/wetting the lut.

    Any suggestions ?

  4. Blaine Fuhs
    Blaine Fuhs says:

    Hey quick question! I have imported the preset and applied them to my footage, but when I render queue the film and export it, the exported film doesn’t contain the LUT present its still the same non-edited color corrected footage any reasoning for this? Why wont the color grade export


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