How to create a BALLIN Intro in Adobe After Effects animation – TUTORIAL

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Create a ballin intro in Adobe After Effects – really simple animation. You can use this intro in your video editing software of choice. For example Adobe Premiere Pro has a great function to import After Effects project files.

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47 replies
  1. Selena Gurney
    Selena Gurney says:

    No doubt it was a great tutorial..✌️👍… but how to end it..?? It was for animating in.. could you make a video how to animate it out..
    P.S. how to end it?

  2. Lisa Rettenbacher
    Lisa Rettenbacher says:

    When I draw the rectangle, the vertical lines are thinner than the horizontal lines. They are not the same width. I googled it but can’t find a solution for this. Help is very much appreciated.

  3. Eye Stave
    Eye Stave says:

    For anyone who is confused at 8:09 how he gets the drop down menu to come down. Simple highlight the second layer with your mouse and press u. I’m a mac user. For Size its "s" for opacity "t" . Good tutorial. but slow down and explain everything, even the SHORTCUTS. especially the shortcuts. If i Helped you please subscribe to my channel. Trying to build up a following. Would really appreciate it.


    Would have been helpful if there was any homework before changing things at times get different, wer the hell was scale button

  5. Mini Kothari
    Mini Kothari says:

    This was really great! For a first time user, the instructions were pretty easy to follow. Thanks so much! I used your method for a different design. Kudos! 🙂

  6. Kyle Kimberlin
    Kyle Kimberlin says:

    Does anyone know what effect he is using in the intro of this video to get the text to flip in and out Quickly. When it has the learn filming then editing and so on.

  7. Kevin Del pino
    Kevin Del pino says:


    He comprado para after effects pero no consigo quitar el fondo negro y asi introducirlo a un video de drone en adobe premiere como puedo hacer igual tenia que haber comprado para premiere el template?

    Spanish translation

    I bought for after effects but I can not remove the black background and so introduce it to a video of drone in adobe premiere how can I do the same had to have bought to premiere the template?

  8. sharpemang
    sharpemang says:

    Easy easy isn’t greyed out for me at 3:51. PLease help! There was an update so I don’t know if that affected things.

  9. Jason Kiner Provision Soundz Digital Multimedia
    Jason Kiner Provision Soundz Digital Multimedia says:

    I love your tutorial. What is the name of the music track you used at the beginning Intro?

  10. Lisanne van Daalen
    Lisanne van Daalen says:

    I have one question… When I click the stopwatch at Source Text, that thing doesn’t appear 🙁 Can someone help?


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