How I COLOR GRADE in Adobe Premiere PRO CC

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These are the steps that I take to Color Grade in Adobe Premiere.
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45 replies
  1. Saahib Khan
    Saahib Khan says:

    Good stuff but plz work on delivering the same info in less time is an art tou can work on….with all the advertizing this whole thing could have been delivered in under 5 min.. I felt too much chat with little and repeated info….jmho…

  2. Roslin Smith
    Roslin Smith says:

    at last i am vindicated after years of hearing crap about fixing the image in post, get the shot perfect in camera with canon and then ehance in post. Thank you!

  3. Martin Talavera
    Martin Talavera says:

    Honestly by far the best explanation what the tabs for lumetri do. I learned so much regarding the HSL Tabs and the Color Wheels. Thank you so much!

  4. SKNY / George
    SKNY / George says:

    I shoot on a GoPro Hero 6. when shooting flat, should I also change the white balance to native or keep it auto? what would you do and why?

  5. uppty NEGRO
    uppty NEGRO says:

    Sorry buddy…Sony cameras tend to lean towards the CYAN….You proven it because the image you started with is COLD. This invalidates this whole video…Your easter egging skills by eye is just what youre doing by using the lightroom filter (lumetri)..No measurements by scopes to see whats neutral….no use of scopes or anything to see if skin tones are out of spec. I CANT LEARN ANYTHING FROM YOU


    Hey Armando Thanks for the tutorial i really like it…. am Jonathan from Kenya and am practicing shooting music videos… the problem comes that when I try shooting my song videos when doing the slow motion I get a ghost look, so was kindly looking for a solution. ( CANON 70D)

  7. Jacob McLoy
    Jacob McLoy says:

    Thanks for posting this video! I am in a film academy looking for a way to add more depth to my videos. I needed a bit more help for how to perfectly tweak the colors. Thanks again!

  8. Luis german
    Luis german says:

    buenas soy novato apenas estoy aprendiendo a manejar el programa pero me gustaria saber como cambias los colores de las luces de fondo o son así por defecto

  9. Price
    Price says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I have been so intimidated by color grading that I’ve been straight up avoiding it, but you’ve taught me a lot in such a short amount of time. I never thought I could get that vibrant movie look. You’ve pulled that sense of dread out of my chest, I really appreciate it!

  10. PrimeInChina
    PrimeInChina says:

    Great video, very helpful. I like that you showed with the changes and without. I was really wowed by how much the quality of the video changed just by grading. Subscribed.

  11. Vicky Veev
    Vicky Veev says:

    I love this! I’m a hobby cinematographer and when I edit my own footage, color grading and correcting is always the most mysterious and overwhelming part of the process. This breaks it down so well, I feel way more confident about it!


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