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Website SEO training

Google SEO Web Marketing Course
Course on web referencing in Montreal, Levis, Quebec, Gatineau

Brief description of the training in website referencing

Know and learn to identify the important elements of a good website SEO. Learn how to measure and evaluate the state of your internet referencing using tools and implement a referencing strategy adapted to the situation.


Bring the student to understand the basics of referencing, to be able to evaluate the current state of referencing and to set up a referencing strategy on the Internet.

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. Fundamentals of website referencing
. Installation and use of tools
. Learn to determine the criteria for determining the choice of themes to target
. Learn to identify the different factors to establish the target market

. How to establish a state of the current situation of SEO
. How to do a Competitor Analysis
. Tips and tricks for choosing keywords to target
. Tips and tricks for increase the number of links on the site
. Other things to consider to increase the number of quality links
. Learn how to monitor and adjust the site's SEO on the Internet


Have a website or website project, know how to use a computer and have basic knowledge of the Internet.


Montreal: 514 448-0883

Quebec: 418 478-1647

Ottawa: 613 366-1743

Toronto: 416 907-8551

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