Beginner WordPress training Quebec City website creation

Corporate WordPress Courses and Training WordPress training for Montreal, Ottawa and more private in Quebec

JFL Media offers you a WordPress training adapted to your needs. Learn how to install and manage your blog or website. Ideal for SMEs, WordPress allows you to create your website quickly and efficiently. This formation is offered in company or in private session. WordPress is used by several major media around the world. It facilitates collaboration between your employees for the managing the content of your website. Contact us for more informations.

Presentation of the WordPress software in Quebec

A bit of history about WordPress : The start of blogging.
The transition from WordPress to CMS.
Official website and WordPress resources.
Overview of the features of a WordPress blog

Learn WordPress
WordPress Server Installation
Installing WordPress Themes
Installing Plugins

Continuous training of professionals with WordPress and web marketing for web3 and online courses via private video conference Toronto
Continuous training of professionals with WordPress and web marketing for web3 and online courses via private video conference Toronto
WordPress Site Management
Create a WordPress post or page
Preparation of its bases: images, links, documents
Comment Management
Custom WordPress Management
Manage your administration
Administer your site.

customize a theme 
Customize your theme
advanced function
Import Export
media library
private enterprise wordpress training ottawa montreal quebec

WordPress and Adobe Courses: A Major Asset for Your Digital Marketing

In the current landscape from the web, owning a attractive website, functional and intuitive is essential. WordPress, as a platform for content management the most popular, offers unparalleled flexibility for creating websites. Form on WordPress thus becomes essential for anyone looking to have a solid online presence. However, to really stand out, it is necessary to have a unique visual aesthetic. This is where Adobe Illustrator and photoshop. These tools allow you to create custom designs, of the striking logos and stunning visuals for your site. Finally, by combining these skills with a Adobe XD training, you will have in hand a powerful combination to design fluid and interactive user interfaces. This synergy between WordPress and Adobe tools not only guarantees a aesthetically pleasing website, but also an optimized user experience, thus ensuring a Digital Marketing impactful and effective. For a web strategy complete, training on these platforms is an invaluable investment.


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