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Dreamweaver CC: HTML5 Language Tutorial

Learn Dreamweaver with our HTML5 tutorials

The tables in Dreamweaver

What are the tables for? Dreamweaver

The tables in Dreamweaver have the same function as those in word, photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator or in other page layout or word processing software. That is, they are used to present tabular data.

But they're not just for that...

In fact the tables in Dreamweaver CS are used to control the layout in HTML language. (Using dimension for our pages and inserting text and image)

And also to create complex formatting. (Background image, nesting of another table, insertion of menu, template, etc.)

Here are the main tags for the HTML of tables

signifies the presence of the Table

determines the end of a table row

define the header of this table

defines a table cell

Each HTML element is preceded by the characters <>
the end of an html element is identified by </>

informs us of the width.
is the table border. In this table we have a border of 1 pt
informs us that we have chosen for this table a sheet style or CSS that denes its own layout parameters

training dreamweaver chart

Here is the HTML code that defines the previous table:

<table width= "»300″" border= "»1″" class= "»tabl" »>
<th colspan= "»3″" scope= "»col" »>On your mind</th>
<td width= "»87″">TD</td>
<td width= "»98″">TD</td>
<td width= "»87″">TD</td>