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LinkedIn and social media training in Montreal

LinkedIn Coaching for Montreal BusinessesLinked in Training in Montreal, Quebec, Levis, Gatineau

With the development of social media, new strategies have emerged in the business world. Whether Facebook, My Space or Twitter, the social media has fully developed to the point that many companies are starting to get into this field. On the other hand, LinkedIn is a very different network. It focuses on business people, their profession and their career in order to offer them market opportunities, but also introduce them to people who could meet the profile they are looking for. This Linkedin workshop in Montreal will then get involved in a professional way to provide you with all the necessary knowledge for an excellent social marketing course in the LinkedIn professional network.

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How to optimize your profile?

  • Create a LinkedIn account and understand how it works. In fact, even if you are a business, you must first have a personal profile.
  • Use your account to set up connections with professional networks.
  • Establish a network so that you have contacts in your sector of activity all over the world and even within Montreal.
  • Each teacher has extensive experience and will be able to give you Classes in continuing education in order to develop your profile.

How to increase your visibility?

  • Create a company page on LinkedIn to increase the visibility of your structure.
  • Manage and customize your business page.
  • Training on the management of your administrator interface.
  • Be able to advertise your products and services on LinkedIn based on your different markets.
  • Specify all useful information on the page and indicate the attributes and responsible persons who could give useful information to users.
  • How to encourage people, suppliers and potential customers to visit your LinkedIn page.
  • Create an overall strategy that will benefit your network Quebec and Ottawa linkedin, but also everywhere else.

How to animate your LinkedIn page?

  • coaching seminar special on the methods you need to know to animate your LinkedIn page.
  • Promote features specific to your page.
  • How to make interesting content that allows you to gain even more users.
  • Maintain a daily watch on your LinkedIn page and be close to your users.
  • Maintain a privileged relationship with your community on LinkedIn.
  • Analyze and anticipate the various behaviors of your page's fans.
  • Know the tools needed to administer your content on the page.
  • How to finally find your future employees?
  • As an SME, you will know how to recruit on LinkedIn.
  • Look for experienced profiles who will be able to respond to your ads.
  • Convince your recruiting team to search for profiles on LinkedIn.

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