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Google Analytics 4 training in Toronto

Business Coaching in Toronto Google Analytics 4Training on Google Analytics in Laval, Levis, Gatieau

Description of the UA4 Google training in Toronto

The training in Google Analytics 4 Toronto allows you to learn how to install and use Google Analytics to recognize and be able to analyze the data collected in this way.

Objectives of the Google Analytics 4 in business course in Toronto

Get the student to understand the basics of using the tracking tool Google Analytics, to better understand the profile and source of website visitors, as well as the various factors that can be improved, for increased visibility and profitability.

Google UA4 training content

. Account opening steps

. Installing Google Analytics 4

. User management

. Presentation of the basic functions of the interface

. Site traffic analysis:

. origin of visitors

. search engine traffic analysis

. paid traffic analysis

. Content performance analysis:

. which pages are the most viewed? by who? How? 'Or' What?

. navigation analysis: arrival/exit pages, distribution of clicks

. internal search engine measurement: what keywords are searched?

. Setting up goals

. Performance and goal conversion rate

. Reporting


Have a website or website project, know how to use a computer and have a basic knowledge of the internet.

Pedagogical approach

The lesson Google Analytics is based on a personalized and practical approach that takes into consideration your achievements, your skills, your project and what you want to learn.

Documents or materials provided

. Computers
. Software and tools
. Technical assistance

Documents or materials to bring

. USB key
. Paper and pencils
. Your project, your ideas

Particularities of the training

This private training Google Analytics allows you to better understand the traffic generated by a website and which really meets your specific needs in this area. This training offers you the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of web marketing according to your project, at your own pace. The schedule of Google analytics 4 course Montreal is planned according to your availability.


Montreal: 514 448-0883

Quebec: 418 478-1647

Ottawa: 613 366-1743

Toronto: 416 907-8551

Google analytics training Montreal GA4
Google analytics training Montreal GA4