Adobe Dreamweaver CC Ottawa Toronto Training

Website design training with DreamweaverDreamweave training in Montreal, Laval

Adobe Dreamweaver Course Description in Ottawa

Dreamweaver is the go-to software for building pages and websites. This formation Dreamweaver opens the doors of Web creation to you to create functional and attractive sites.

Content of the corporate workshop how to create websites with Adobe Dreamweaver CC in Ottawa

 Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver Ottawa course
  • Know the basics of HTML.
  • Discovery of the interface of Dreamweaver
  • The HTTP protocol
  • the organization of windows and menus.
  • Toolbars
  • File Preferences
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Tree structure, directories, file organization
  • Discover what's new in HTML 5.


The basics of HTML

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Static websites
  • dynamic websites
  • Tags
  • Discover what's new in HTML 5.
  • Create CSS style sheets.
  • The structure of tags
  • Tag attributes
  • Basic structure of an HTML page

The style sheets

  • Working with the CSS styles panel
  • Create CSS style rules
  • Code import
  • Snippets panel
  • External CSS style sheet
  • Classification of style rules
  • Dressing with style rules
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Syntax of a CSS rule
  • Rule definition



  • Image formats
  • Access paths
  • The settings
  • Formatting
  • Create a rollover effect
  • Position of an image in the text
  • Link on an image
  •  Hotspots on an image


The forms

  • Create a form
  • Add objects to the form
  • Check the validity of a form

Inserting objects

  • Insert automatic date
  • Insert a Flash or Shockwave animation

The interactivity and Adobe Dreamweaver training

  • Widget elements (spry)
  • Spry menu: create, modify, dress up
  • Spry Tab Panel
  • Spry accordion-like module
  • Spry Collapsible Panel
  • Spry tooltip
  • Behaviors
  • Importing Widgets

Publish the site

  • The site management window
  • Login to host
  • Sending pages to the remote server
  • Fetching pages from remote server
  • Only update changed pages