Adobe Dreamweaver CC Ottawa Gatineau Training

Website design training with DreamweaverDreamweave training in Montreal, Laval

Brief description

Dreamweaver is the go-to software for building pages and websites. This formation Dreamweaver opens the doors of Web creation to you to create functional and attractive sites.



  • Know the basics of HTML.
  • Discovery of the interface of Dreamweaver
  • The HTTP protocol
  • the organization of windows and menus.
  • Toolbars
  • File Preferences
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Tree structure, directories, file organization
  • Discover what's new in HTML 5.


The basics of HTML

  • Introduction to HTML
  • Static websites
  • dynamic websites
  • Tags
  • Discover what's new in HTML 5.
  • Create CSS style sheets.
  • The structure of tags
  • Tag attributes
  • Basic structure of an HTML page

The style sheets

  • Working with the CSS styles panel
  • Create CSS style rules
  • Code import
  • Snippets panel
  • External CSS style sheet
  • Classification of style rules
  • Dressing with style rules
  • Introduction to CSS
  • Syntax of a CSS rule
  • Rule definition



  • Image formats
  • Access paths
  • The settings
  • Formatting
  • Create a rollover effect
  • Position of an image in the text
  • Link on an image
  •  Hotspots on an image


The forms

  • Create a form
  • Add objects to the form
  • Check the validity of a form

Inserting objects

  • Insert automatic date
  • Insert a Flash or Shockwave animation

Interactivity and Dreamweaver

  • Widget elements (spry)
  • Spry menu: create, modify, dress up
  • Spry Tab Panel
  • Spry accordion-like module
  • Spry Collapsible Panel
  • Spry tooltip
  • Behaviors
  • Importing Widgets

Publish the site

  • The site management window
  • Login to host
  • Sending pages to the remote server
  • Fetching pages from remote server
  • Only update changed pages

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